5 Ways to Use Video Marketing Production and Boost Engagement


Video can be such a big help if you are looking for new ways to engage your customers or potential future clients. It can give a boost not only invisibility but also in reaching out to people. In social media, most people have been known to respond well if a video goes along with a post. And over the years, other social media sites have added video into their platforms and widened a brand or company’s playground for marketing. Instagram gained so much more potential because of video and you would be surprised by how many people you can reach with just posting a video on Instagram alone.

With this in mind, there are more ways now to use video marketing production into your marketing plans. It can be something educational or humorous but all in all your video content still needs to fit what you need right now. Here are a few ideas that you can use for making a good video to boost engagement.

  • Storytelling
    There are various ways to use storytelling in your site. Platforms called Stories are neat ways for users to assemble their video content into a single curated form that tells a story. There are a lot of sites including this now on their sites and the first one to have made this huge is Snapchat. Other sites that make good use of this now is Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Homepage Video
    You’d be surprised how videos can give your homepage a better chance of being explored. Videos embedded into homepages can better communicate information about the business or the services that you do through dialogue or visuals. These kind of videos can be extremely useful for businesses that cannot easily communicate their products or services in writing. By adding a video, you can better explain why you matter and what you can offer to people.

  • Demo Video
    When you show enthusiasm for your product or service it will show. Talking about it will let people have a good grasp of the value immediately. That’s where you can take advantage and use the power of demo videos. You can highlight your product’s or service’s best features while creating an entertaining and engaging content to your audience. And the good news is that most people want to share good content with their friends and everyone they know.

  • Live Video
    Live Video is a completely new form of content that allows a business to interact with its customers. A live video can take customers on events, show off personality, and share the most exciting moments in real time. You can easily see examples of Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories online, then search then start experimenting. You can even host events that you can shoot live and allow people who aren’t there to get interested.
  • Video in Emails
    Research shows that click through rates can be increased when a video is used in marketing emails. However, it is also important to apply some best practices to keep a consistent number. Videos should be relatively short and no more than two minutes long, or else the viewer may get bored. Include all the necessary details in what you are promoting early in the email when viewers are paying most attention.

Now that video’s are becoming more and more useful to every marketer’s marketing needs, it is important that your ideas are fresh as well. Use these five ideas in creating your new video content and remember to model them according to what your business needs right now. Live videos could be great for introducing new products and so are video in emails. While demo videos can be used to retain your loyal customers.