BC Pony Club – Coverage Video

The Need for a Video

Founded in 1929, the Pony Club has been helping kids become independent through education, responsibility, leadership, and sportsmanship. Competing in club events ranging from local shows all the way to international competitions, our members can develop new senses of self worth, confidence, and life long friendships.

One of Red+Ripley’s largest clients, Integral Group, is a proud sponsor of the Pony Club in British Columbia and requested a short and sweet video to show the events and features of the organization. It also represents the philanthropic side of Integral Group with the alignment of ideas between the organizations such as self development, collaboration and giving leadership experience to youth in the richest way possible!

The Solution

Red+Ripley took a team out to the Southlands Riding Club in South Vancouver and shot a day of youth events in the unique equestrian community. We worked with member of Integral Group to create a shot list that would capture the excitement of events in the rallies, as well as capturing the spirit of the riders and the leadership moments throughout the day.

The final product is a short recap of the events that will hopefully draw any veteran or future potential equestrians into the Pony Club community!

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