Best of 2016!


First things first.

2016 was our biggest year ever.

We produced over 80 videos (an average of almost 2 videos per week that we’re open during the year) that ranged from animated explainers and corporate profiles to high budget commercials and scripted agency ads.

We’re super proud of our core team at Red+Ripley and all the amazing cinematographers, producers, writers, actors and clients we get to work with on a daily basis.

And while you could spend a whole afternoon going through our videos (which might be a good use of your snow day), here is a personal selection of Red+Ripley’s Top 5 Videos of 2016!

5. BoConcept Vancouver – Corporate Profile

Things we love about this piece:

The clean, low contrast color pallet. The awesome, collaborative clients (if you haven’t seen their collaboration with Mads Mikkelsen, check it out NOW). And the lovely Tia Borden! Yes, she also stars in two of our other favorite pieces!

This BoConcept piece was a huge win for us, as we managed to shoot in plenty of interesting locations in one day, with multiple cameras and a tight-knit crew of professionals – getting more than enough gorgeous footage for multiple edits, and some great interviews to boot.

4. Campfire Guitar Star – Introduction – Animation

Why we love this piece:

Initially, this piece was supposed to be a brief, one minute, simple textography-based animation for Will Ripley, Colter Ripley’s brother (yes, that’s where the second half of Red+Ripley comes from.)

However, our chief motion graphics expert saw it as an opportunity to create a stellar motion graphics-fueled homepage video that absolutely electrifies in its dynamic presentation. We didn’t do any shoot – just a clever mix of graphic assets, textography, stock footage and charts – and the end result is one of our favorite pieces of the year, if not one of our best animation projects ever.

It’s a perfect example of how we love to take things to the next level at Red+Ripley – We let our visions run wild, and not your budget!

3. Invigo Consulting – Corporate Profile

What to love:

Corporate profiles are the bread and butter of what we do at Red+Ripley. But ultimately, the quality is determined on the strength of the interview.

Coming in with a clear vision of what you want to say, when to say it, and how to deliver is never an easy practice – hell, that’s why we have actors – but a killer interview can dramatically raise the quality of a piece and that’s why we love this video!

Bob Mangat had an extremely passionate sales pitch for not only his business, but the type of man and life he lives as well. It was pretty hard to select what we wanted in the final piece since it was all so strong.

On top of this, the quality of the interview inspired us to go above and beyond – by adding some motion graphics to highlight Bob’s selling points and accolades.

Ultimately, this piece is a great example of when EVERYTHING goes right when creating a video. There will always be hitches in every production, but sometimes the stars align perfectly!

2. Pacific Insight – Cinematic Profile

Why we dig it:

Clients generally have very specific styles they want emulated, or try to evade risk wherever possible so that their outcome is guaranteed and formulated to work.

So it’s really cool when one of our clients uses OUR OWN VIDEO as inspiration for their piece!

We made this video over 4 days of shooting, going out east to Nelson, BC, and even further south to Fresnillo, Mexico! This was a really musical and sound-driven project that took a lot of creative thinking to put together. Lots of graphic matches, sound queues, atmosphere mixing – all to create a video that artistically demonstrates the process and quality of Pacific Insight products.

We love pieces that allow us to flex our muscles as filmmakers, putting all that film school knowledge to use to create something we’d put in theaters and film festivals. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with this piece as well – building off of the success of the Tesla video we made last year that won in LAIFF!

1. IT Glue – Homepage Video

Why it’s our fav:

In 2014, we shot our first video for IT Glue – at the time, just a small start up looking to make an impact. Two years later, the company exploded into a multi-million dollar venture with employees around the globe.

They called Red+Ripley back, and we took their dreams to the next level.

Two years later and we’ve also expanded immensely – with stuntmen, RED 6k cameras, advanced motion graphics, 25+ person film crews, and more, this is easily our biggest production ever.

It’s also another notch in our belt in terms of our Agency offerings – something we hope to really expand upon in 2017. This video exemplifies the creative power at our Red+Ripley team – using big budgets to create even bigger set pieces and stories that really capture audiences and amaze them.

We’ve had some killer feedback on this piece so far and we really hope it inspires other businesses – small or large – to step out of their comfort zone and make a really cool, cinematic, scripted video – that could possibly go viral to boot!


We want to extend a thank you to our 70+ clients this year. It was difficult to come down to only 5 videos to put on this list because in reality, we’re very proud of every piece we make here at Red+Ripley.

It is your continued faith and collaboration that serves as a reminder to us everyday that what we do at Red+Ripley really matters.

At the heart of what may seem like just a quick promotional video is the spirit of the filmmaker held by each and everyone of us here at Red+Ripley – the producers, directors, cinematographers, animators, and editors.

This spirit is harnessed by years of appreciation for cinema, marketing, and honing our personal craft – and it continues to live on through each and every challenging project that comes our way.