Clean Energy Compression Clean CNG. In 4K!

The Need for a Video:

Clean Energy Compression is the largest sole manufacturer of non­lubricated natural gas compressors and related technologies for natural gas fueling applications in the world. They have over 1600 CNG systems sold worldwide and 500 people dotted across the globe committed to building long­term relationships by satisfying each customer. CEC has over a century of experience ­ it has been manufacturing precision industrial machinery (since 1912).

The Solution:

Red+Ripley created a high quality and informational video explaining the 2.0 CleanCNG compressor and it benefits.
Aimed towards technicians this video will explore the service features in depth. This will sell the product by showing how it directly translates into client savings in dollar values. The videos will be eye catching and differ artistically from many other service videos of their kind. The vibe will be serious, sophisticated and educational as it gets all of the information across to the audience but it will have an epic and intense visual style showing off the 2.0 compressor as if it is a new sports car.


We shot this entire video in one day! 1 location and 1 team of passionate filmmakers executed the shoot into the finished product here.

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