Coachella is a Festival Full of Marketing Opportunities


From fashion to music to arts, Coachella is a marketing heaven for most brands as it has created a cult following especially for the current generation. It may be due to a lot of celebrities attending the said event that made it so well-known or maybe it’s the music and arts itself that attracted the masses to the event. And with the kind of numbers the event is raking in, brands are flocking to get a piece of the action and have their brands be seen. Booths, banners and stage backdrops are a few of the advertising materials that Coachella has on the event. Companies even rent a whole house to throw branded parties or even sponsor air-conditioned tents and areas as a way of advertising.

While we are at it, let us see a few of these brands that made good use of the exposure Coachella gives. It is all about innovation for these brands and maybe it can be used for some of our own marketing and advertising needs.

hp antartic

HP’s The Antarctic

HP offered festival goers a multi-faceted branded experience bar none. HP’s Coachella 2017 facilities included VR stations, a raffle giveaway for Coachella 2018 VIP tickets, 3-D photo booths, and light shows controlled through HP’s tablet technology. HP’s Antarctic tent arguably was one of the most famous attractions where attendees enjoyed a full 9-minute light show in the midst of the festival.

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Marriott’s Dream Destination Giveaway and Photobooth

Hospitality brand Marriott presented 4 different destinations “sets” where festival goers could have their picture taken by a professional photographer. To be able to enter Marriott’s dream destination vacation, attendees were required to post on Instagram using their festival hashtag, #MarriottxCoachella, which is a winning strategy to get your brand out there. Marriott even partnered with both celebrities active on social media and high-reach influencers including Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bethany Mota.


Netflix offered free WiFi to promote its new series “Girlboss”

Charlize Theron is the stars of the new Netflix series Girlboss and what better way to promote it than to have a free WiFi. Considering that 55 percent of millennials do pay for digital entertainment, having their name associated with the internet is a pretty smart idea.


Lacoste creates a celeb-filled oasis in the desert

Lacoste had a two-day beautiful desert pool party at a private residence in Thermal Saturday and Sunday during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’s first weekend. The road into the sprawling estate had a large pond and a pool and was lined with cutouts of green Lacoste crocodiles and containers of ice cold Evian water. On one side there was a bounce house with a professional photographer for party shots. Talk about a pool party!

Brands really did up their game during the Coachella Festival 2017, especially HP who really made a good impression on the party goers. It may have been expensive to set up the whole thing but if you think about the exposure that this festival got HP, it is worth noting that it can be worth in in the long run.