Commercial and Corporate Video Company Seeks Editors and Post-PRoduction Contractors!


Hey my name is Colter, owner of Red Ripley Inc and we’re busy right now!

We’re looking for someone to help handle post-production and editing of our projects.

Here are the must-haves for any candidate

*Great samples of your work because we need some people that can hit the ground running and cut nice pieces.
* Excellent communication so you’re listening lots and understanding the project so you can do an amazing job on it.
* Punctuality so that you can deliver on or ahead of schedule and make sure to make our clients happy and meet their timeline expectations.
* Personal motivation so you can grab a project, make sure you understand it and get to the root of what the client wants to communicate.
* A love of editing technology, styles and innovation so you can take our RED footage and make it look even cooler which keeps our standards high.
* A flexible schedule that can handle intermittent projects (at first) because we have to test you and make sure you’re a good fit for us.
* A love of protocol and systems and system development because it helps hold you to a high and repeatable standard for every project.
* High standards because we’re picky and we didn’t get busy just from pumping out average stuff!

Here are some assets that are helpful but not required
* Some video producing or industry experience so you know what’s behind the scenes.
* A vehicle

A bit about us
We have a pretty strong team of shooters, editors and staff (two in-house, the rest contract). We have a systematized production process that is repeatable and consistent. We did over 100 videos last year.

We will offer an approximate rate of 300/ day to test you and eventually give you more time and responsibilities.

How to Apply
* Please send a short email to and summarize your experience and skills.
* Make sure to include samples of your reel or works.
* No phonecalls please. Selected applicants will be contacted for interviews.