Commercial and Corporate Video Company seeks PRODUCERS and ADMINISTRATIVE WRITING contractors!


Hey my name is Colter, owner of Red Ripley Inc and we’re busy right now!

We’re looking to take on someone to help produce and develop our projects.

Here are the must-haves for any candidate
* Excellent communication so you’re very personal and friendly with our clients and team
* A good culture fit with our team so we can grab a beer or grill a steak together (or tofu burg if you’re into that sorta thing.)
* Excellent focus skills so you can stay on task and drive until a project is complete
* Personal motivation so you can care for a project and take ownership over it
* Project management skills so you can understand the vision and get excellent project outcomes
* A love of writing, enjoyment of being behind the computer because there is lots of prep needed
* A flexible schedule that can handle intermittent projects (at first)
* A love of protocol and systems and system development because it helps hold you to a high and repeatable standard for every project.

Here are some assets that are helpful but not required
* Some video producing or industry experience so you know what’s behind the scenes.
* A vehicle

A bit about us
We have a pretty strong team of shooters, editors and staff (two in-house, the rest contract). We have a systematized production process that is repeatable and consistent. We did over 100 videos last year.

We will offer an approximate rate of 300 to 400/ day to get you trained and eventually give you more time and responsibilities.

How to Apply
Please send a short email to and summarize your experience and skills.
CV if you have it.
No phonecalls please. Selected applicants will be contacted for interviews.