Corporate Profile for ODii in HD!

Corporate Profile for ODii in HD! from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

The Need for a Video

ODii is the first grabber tool to ever fit in your glove compartment. It is what you need when you are the type of person who constantly drops items in your car seat and is frustrated by the fact that the said item is just lying there. It fetches everything from coins to phones to credit cards.

The Solution

In this video, Ken Buxton creator of ODii, tells you about how his 9-year-old daughter’s tiny hands can’t even reach for the coins that are stuck in his car seat. And this led to him creating a handy tool that can reach through any tight space. He also interviewed people who have great feedback about the gadget.


Ken and Darcey Buxton, husband and wife, run the ODii team and are known for their perfectly balanced coordination.

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