Corporate Video: Types and Benefits

Corporate Video: Types and BenefitsNot all corporate videos are created equal. There are narratives, documentaries, corporate profiles, event videos, mixed media, and so on. The question is, which type is for you and how should you go about it?

This week, we’ll talk about the four types of corporate videos that we do. There are others, but let’s save that for next issues.

4 Types of Corporate Videos

Knowing which type of video your company needs is critical especially when you’re just starting up. The right type of  corporate video can help explain what you do, engage your audience, provide entertainment and ultimately boost your bottom line.

1. Narrative Video


Corporate Video: Types and Benefits
Checking the script.

A narrative video tells a story. It may be your company’s history, the story behind a product, etc. With a good script and expert video editing, the corporate video narrative has the power to engage viewers. After all, who’s not fascinated with a good story?


But unlike a book story, a narrative video has to be short and sweet. Take for example the video that we did for IT Glue – Fully Managed. By writing a good script, using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we were able to create a story that helped everyday people understand what IT Glue is all about, how it can help its target audience solve their issues, and what they hope to be – all in a span of two minutes and thirty-five seconds.

ITGlue – Fully Managed – HD – Corporate Profile from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

2. Corporate Profile

Some people ask us, “Why do we need a corporate profile when we already have a narrative video? Well, a narrative video explains what your COMPANY is all about. A corporate profile shows the kind of leader your company has and how your values align with that of your company. In the eyes of your viewer, you are not just another businessman trying to sell him something. You become a credible person worthy of their trust and respect.

Take a look at the video we’ve done for Integral’s Dave Ramslie. We showed how his values (love for nature and the future generation) align with that of Integral, an eco-friendly company focused on making this world a greener and better place for the generations to come.

Integral – Dave Ramslie Bio – 4K – Corporate Profile from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

3. Event Video

Got a special event coming up? A competition? Great! Save that on video, but don’t let your personal assistant do it. Why?

Corporate Video: Types and Benefits
State-of the-art video equipment is one of the keys to good visuals.

Event videos may be fast and inexpensive to create, but its capacity to  entertain and engage audience can make that video viral. If you shoot it with a smartphone camera and edited by an amateur, the opportunity to become viral might be wasted. Why? Because good visuals are one of the secrets of corporate viral videos. And good visuals start with good video tools, equipment and an excellent video production company in Vancouver.

The Red Truck Beer –  Vancouver Truck Drop is one example. We covered the 5,000-person event with two DSLR cameras and a RED Epic. The video was launched and acquired thousands of hits; overall the media exposure was something like 600k people in Vancouver. A successful event by 6S Marketing!

Red Truck Beer – Vancouver Truck Drop and Groundbreaking Ceremony HD – Event Video from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

4. Mixed Media Video

In this era where technology reigns supreme, mixed media company videos do not only grab viewer attention – they engage and educate them too. 

Vertical Suits – Measurement Video – 4k – Explainer from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

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