Drone/Aerial Footage – The Must-Have Feature In Your Next Video!

What is a drone?

Chances are you’re already familiar with it – these high-flying multicopters are taking the video production industry by storm by allowing sweeping and epic aerial shots without the need for expensive flying vehicles and massive camera setups.

Drones can deliver high angles, steady operation and a sense of motion for all businesses now – from flights over an expansive golf course, or sweeping shots of warehouse interiors, or simply the beauty of natural vistas – mountains, lakes, cities – there’s no place you can’t fly if you use your imagination!

Using aerial footage in your projects has the potential to escalate your business or social media into viral territory by the sheer quality of the production shown in your videos! Just take a look at one of Red+Ripley’s award-winning spec spots with integrated drone footage:

Drone footage can greatly benefit virtually any production, including:

  • Real estate
  • Hotels
  • Car businesses
  • Outdoor live events
  • Environmental agencies
  • Venue owners
  • Manufacturing plants

Red+Ripley now has an In-House Drone and Operator!

Red+Ripley now has drone usage seamlessly available for any project you could possibly think of!

Utilize the crisp detail of 4K video and smooth flying to launch your business or product properly, or upgrade your existing video branding to send your product interest and hits through the stratosphere! (but not actually, not even a drone can go that high up!)

With our professional in-house cinematographer and drone operator, we can deliver enormous amounts of value to your video at the most competitive drone operation rates on the lower mainland.

So what are you waiting for? Get your video done right by reaching out to us at:

604.765.2444 or