Easter Marketing Schemes Being Used All Around the World


Easter, when you hear it you think about rabbits, eggs, and baskets. There are many gimmicks that surround most holidays but Easter is one of the most well-known ones in the world and it is something that most establishments and businesses will be making good use of. It would be interesting to get to know if some of this business or companies have been able to make a fruitful income out of gimmicks, though, and maybe we can learn a think or two about what to do as well.

Here is a list of some marketing gimmicks that occurred during Easter.


-Crust Bros – ‘Cadbury Creme Egg pizza’

Deliveroo, a British food delivery company, teamed up with London-based pizza maker Crust Bros to create the “Fior-egg-tina”, an unexpected twist on the Italian classic Fiorentina. It has a strawberry base topped with mascarpone, mint and soft Cadbury Creme Eggs, then dusted with crunchy mini eggs. It’s a sugary and sweet pizza inspired by the beloved Easter candy.

cadburry mcflurry

McDonald’s – ‘Cadbury Creme McFlurry’

McDonald’s is getting into the festive spirit by resurrecting the Cadbury Creme Eggs McFlurry. As the name implies, it’s a Cadbury Creme Eggs mixed with McFlurry ice cream. It is mostly available in England or Australia, though.


-Thorntons – ‘The ultimate guide to easter Eggs’

Thorntons have made the most interactive and engaging Easter Marketing Campaign in 2016. With Easter Egg Games online and Easter-related digital content, Thortons have topped the Creative Easter Marketing Ideas chart. The easter marketing content and user experience have resulted in significant brand awareness and WOM custom. Their easter promotion message ideas based on heritage and craftsmanship of Easter egg creation had people’s easter bunny ears perked up.


-Asda – ‘Giant Hen’

Asda’s Easter Marketing campaign actually features a huge chocolate hen that climbs to the roof of a supermarket and lays eggs for customers. The Ad caused an uproar on social media with people liking and sharing the commercial using #GiantHen. Not that is the kind of marketing campaign that is both timely and viral.


-Cadbury – Loch Ness Monster Stunt

Cadbury is synonymous with easter eggs and they are selling one in three of every egg sold. Last year, Cadbury’s brought their #EggsEverywhere campaign to the Scottish Highlands. The iconic chocolate company made quite a splash with consumers by placing easter eggs the size of double decker buses in the famous Loch Ness in Scotland. The gigantic branded eggs were actually made to look like Nessie’s body protruding from the water. Cadbury’s brand manager, Claudia Miceli said, “By teasing the mystery of Loch Ness we’re celebrating the playful magic of Easter”.