Does eHarmony work?

eHarmony Testimonial Parodies

The Need for a Video

A new dating experience, but for something bigger and more meaningful: Welcome to eHarmony. Whether this is your first time trying online dating or you’ve already tried other dating services, chances are you’re looking not just for true love.

But these crazy couples are nothing like what you’d expect! The goal: parody those sappy eHarmony ads.

The Solution

The team at Red+Ripley create an energetic, hilarious set of videos to poke fun at their heartstring-pulling ads. A two-person crew shot the entire video over the course of a single day!

Creating a tight schedule allowed us to shoot the entire series of videos in one efficient shoot, maximizing effectiveness and lowering studio costs.

Our editors created a simple, casual narrative style that puts the focus on the personalities of the subjects.


Our team goes above and beyond for the projects we are passionate about! We did an extra half day editing for free that wasn’t originally billed or scheduled -because we wanted this to be an exceptional portfolio piece!

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The Work