How Lengthy Should a Video Be to Make it Effective?



In a world full of distractions, it is hard to grab somebody’s attention and make them stay attentive. Video Length has been an issue with people who wants to make their content that people would not get bored of. But how long are videos need to be exactly to get people to truly appreciate it? According to a research by Visible Measure, marketers have 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention in a marketing clip. Additionally, 20% of users will click away from the video within 10 seconds or less.


By the 2 minute mark, you can expect that 60% of users are already clicking away. These statistics hold true irrespective of the video duration. Desktop users will have an attention span of 2 minutes or less while the mobile users will stay a little longer or around 2.4 minutes. The key to actually finding out the right length for your videos is to analyze every video content you put out there. Having video analytics data to gain insight into user behavior can help any marketer determine the right length for every kind of video that they have.

Actually, Wistia looked at 564,710 videos, and more than 1.3 billion plays for their research to find out what really happens after the next 2 minutes and this is what their data tells us.

Videos up to 2 minutes long get tons of engagement

Engagement is steady up to 2 minutes, meaning that a 90-second video will hold a viewer’s attention as much as a 30-second video.

There is significant drop-off between 2 and 3 minutes

After 2 minutes, every second counts.

This is where the exponential decay kicks in. This isn’t to say that you should cut a 10-minute video down to 2 minutes—some content warrants longer videos—but it does suggest that you’d be better off cutting 30 seconds from a 2-minute 30-second video to keep viewers’ attention.

6 to 12 minutes is sweet spot #2

The engagement decay really starts to level off after the 6-minute mark. Every second counts between 2 minutes and 6 minutes, but there’s hardly any drop-off between 6 minutes and 12 minutes. If your video ends up being 8 minutes instead of 7 minutes, it shouldn’t have a significant effect on engagement.

Proceed with caution after 12 minutes

Just like writing, a video needs to be as long as it needs to be. Videos beyond 12 minutes are likely either narrative-driven stories or intense tutorials. In both cases, the viewers expect the video to be longer.

Still, every minute beyond 12 means you are losing people. And while the drop-off from 12 minutes to twenty minutes is less steep than the drop-off from 2 minutes to 6 minutes, it’s important because longer videos are often more expensive and time-consuming to make.

Grabbing someone’s attention through video is not hard. You just need to find that sweet spot and keep your content interesting to ensure that viewers will stay and your video content will have a good reception.