Independent Film Production Companies Vancouver

Searching for some indie assistance for your documentary or film production?


Well, look no further. Plenty of independent film production companies nest in Vancouver and are able to provide high-quality help to eager film-makers in, arguably, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The perks

Many of the Vancouver-based companies will offer all the bells and whistles to help eager film makers get their production rolling.

To name a few perks, independent film production companies provide professional production and post production staff, editing suites, professional budgeting and scheduling and production legal services.


Vancouver-based companies

Front street pictures Inc is a high-quality independent film production company with their head office located in Vancouver.


In addition to developing and producing in house productions, the company offers a wide range of financial, production and creative services to production partners all over the world.

They claim to have excellent rates on grip, camera and electric packages as well as a large wardrobe, prop and set Dec inventory.

Runaway Pictures is Vancouver’s newest independent film production company whose vision “is to create interesting and exciting films, using the best place on earth with the most talented and creative people in the industry.”

Runaway Pictures is run by two gentlemen who are always accepting submissions from screenwriters, producers, directors and talent from all genres. Their current projects include a thriller called Vineyard.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although it is tougher for independent film production companies to gain a prestigious identity, unlike major film production companies, they still bear many benefits. untitled

Independent film production companies differ from major film companies in that they are, well, easier on the wallet for film-makers, they receive all profit and have complete control over what they produce.

However, with self-sufficiency you are going to experience disadvantages as well. Independent companies generally have smaller budgets than major film companies so special effects and A-list actors are harder to score.

Search around and find an independent company that best suites you, right here in Vancouver, and get your Oscar-winning film-in-the-making ready for the big screen!