Red+Ripley presents - Award-winning author and business strategist, Bob Mangat!

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The Need for a Video

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, proud husband and father with over 15 years of hands-on experience architecting ADVANCED business growth systems. Bob Mangat has not only proven himself capable of building multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses from scratch, but has an indisputable track record of quickly and effectively teaching over 1300 small business owners the same strategies, techniques, and tools resulting in accelerated growth.

Bob is now expanding his focus on health clinics – with notable clients such as Johnston Health Center, thriveMD, MADLAB Business Group, Gonino Center for Healing, and much more!

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The Solution


Bob Mangat hired the team at Red+Ripley to create an energetic, moving video to showcase his venture into business strategy and development for health clinics. A two-person crew shot the entire video over the course of a single day!

Creating a tight schedule allowed us to shoot all the way from the Invigo Consulting office in Surrey, to Bob’s home and neighborhood, all the way back to our Vancouver offices and downtown near Canada Place!

Our editors created a visual style and utilised motion graphics to make a strong


Our team goes above and beyond for the projects we are passionate about! We did an extra half day doing motion graphics for free that wasn’t originally billed or scheduled -because we wanted this to be an exceptional portfolio piece!

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