Red Ripley Agency Reel Situational Humor 2012

We’ve done a quick cut of some unique content to pitch to agencies. This stuff is a bit crazy, different than our corporate stuff a little edgy and cool.

GoodFoot Shoes

commercial production with a skateboard and some white shoes that just kinda turns into nothing. A visually unique piece that took lots of rotoscoping (cutting out) to perform this editing trick.

Mr. Lube “the Competition”

was a situational comedy piece created for Karacters and DDB to show unique comedy.

Colter Ripley personl reel 2006 – an Ali G inspired video showing clothes flying on.

NPA Broadcast

spot with animation was created to energetically demonstrate the problems with our current mayor in Vancouver.

Big Rock Brewery – “Zombies”

this piece was situational comedy meets realistic zombie on street action. It took second place in a nationwide competition for Big Rock Beer. This piece won 5k and was awarded second overall.
All of these spots were put together to show the diversity of our work.