So You’re Shooting in Vancouver, Eh? (Part 1)


Welcome to The West Best Coast

So you’ve decided to shoot in Vancouver. That’s the first brilliant step in your master plan to make a killer video – but from there, where do you go? I mean sure, you could film in one of the city’s many sound stages, or in a 30 story office building… but you can do that just about anywhere. While you’re here, or if you’ve always been here, why don’t you get a little creative?

Vancouver is home to many brilliant locations that will add an element of beauty to your video while also showcasing your brand’s patriotic side!

This will be part of a series of some of Red+Ripley’s favorite shooting locations in Vancouver. We’re no strangers to any of these locations, so if you get any inspiration from this post, get in touch and we’ll set you up wherever, whenever!

Stanley Park Seawall

The amazing view from Stanley Park, one of the things I miss since moving away from Vancouver.
Stanley Park Seawall from the north side!

The seawall is a busy but beautiful place to shoot. Lots of greens and blues with the Lionsgate Bridge in the backdrop provide a very natural, dynamic look to any corporate video.

A lot of the roads are two-lane one way streets so it also allows for some great tracking shots, following cars, bikers, or runners!

It’s a little noisy in terms of shooting interviews, so you’ll have to do a little scouting to find the perfect balance of vista and tranquility, but the atmosphere is definitely worth it and it is a hot spot with our clients!

Jericho Beach

Beautiful vista from Jericho Beach park near Kitsilano!

Jericho Beach is a wide open, sprawling park with tons of sand and mountain views.

It’s a comfortable distance away from the bustle of Downtown Vancouver but gets lively on the weekends – so you have the option of shooting your frames with beach crowds or coming earlier/later in the day for some tranquil moments.

Jericho Beach also gets some absolutely beautiful sunsets, check out a shot from one of our Integral Group spots:


Queen Elizabeth Park

No, we didn’t boost the saturation on this picture…

Queen Elizabeth Park has a mixture of the wildness of Stanley Park with the addition of more hills, ponds, and a few beautifully maintained gardens. It’s directly off the Cambie Street Bridge, and it’s a very accessible shooting location with minimal traffic at all times of the day.

There’s also the Bloedel Floral Conservatory at the top which has many exotic plants and birds which make for a good adventure into the tropical realm if you’re feeling creative!

At the peak of Queen Elizabeth Park, you get a wonderful view down to Vancouver and beyond – it is one of the highest points in Vancouver before SFU on Burnaby mountain and it is very easy to acquire permission to shoot here.


We’ll be following up this list as much as possible with more great locations. Hopefully this can give you some inspiration to get out there and shoot a beautiful video!

If you want to get started working with us or have any more location suggestions, contact us at:

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