So You’re Shooting in Vancouver, Eh? Part 3

Welcome to The West Best Coast

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For this part we’ll be exploring some studios for shooting your perfect photography/videography indoors. These are for the sleek, traditional ads – controlled environments with accessible lighting and sound-proofed interiors.

Studio 31

Red+Ripley regular – Studio 31


Studio 31 has a convenient location in Mount Pleasant, close to Main and East Broadway. They have lots of grip gear in-house so you can avoid the stress of unloading a lot of extra gear from your own shoot into their facility. The lighting setups are great for everything from shooting models, individual products, to interviews and green screen footage.

Their rates start at around $600 for a 10 hour rental and include internet access, makeup and media – in a sound controlled environment.

We’ve shot many interviews and green screen footage at this location and highly recommend it if you’re looking for something downtown that doesn’t break your budget but still has a professional edge.

Check out more at!


Sleek and professional Stage6 Studios


Stage6 is another centrally located studio in Vancouver that is very multipurpose and comes with gear via Great Guys Gear.

A lot of high budget projects have shot here, including Neil Blomkamp’s District 9 (all the motion capture elements!) and plenty of ads from companies like Nike, Adidas, RW & CO, Urban Barn, Lululemon, Best Buy and Clearly Contacts.

Their rate is slightly higher at $1,000 per day but they have a massive space at 2,800 square feet and an easily accessible loading dock for importing any equipment you could ever want.

Visit them at

West 7 Studios

The great, spacious and comfortable West 7 Studios

Yet again in Mount Pleasant, West 7 Studios  offers a high end photography studio perfect for shooting models in a clean, spacious environment. There are rooms for makeup, as well as a kitchen and equipment room.

This location is great if you are shooting for a full day, as it is comfortable and accessible beyond just the rental studio – which isn’t cutting any corners either.

West 7 Studios also has great sponsorships with other facilities around Vancouver and can work with caterers, digital capture, and more to not only provide a facility for filming – but a live space to host others, or demo off anything from furniture to technology.

Check them out here at: West 7 Studios


We’ll be following up this list as much as possible with more great locations. Hopefully this can give you some inspiration to get out there and shoot a beautiful video!

If you want to get started working with us or have any more location suggestions, contact us at:

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