Social Media Influencers: What can they do for you?

You may actually have stumbled upon a social media influencer on a few occasions as they are those personalities on the internet that have amassed quite a large following that allowed them to matter when it comes to marketers. A few social media platforms that have abundant social media influencers are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With Instagram, an influencer basically has thousands or even millions of followers that give them the ability to reach people in new ways. In a way, you can advertise your products through this influencer’s and can almost always certainly see a good result. It used to be bloggers that get this kind of offers, wherein they are given a product to try out and they post it on their blogs, but nowadays, they are everywhere. And the good thing is some small business can actually make good use of creating a great relationship with this Influencer’s and it would be a budget friendly way for them to advertise.

That being said, it would be good to know a few of these Influencers and have an idea about what they have been able to accomplish and what they can actually do for you in the future.

jake paul

Jake Paul (@jakepaul)

He’s only 20 but he has over 17 million social media followers. He was originally posting on Vine but made use of other social media platforms to gain over 4 billion views. He also is the founder of TeamDom, which is all about creating a modern approach to building powerful brands, stories celebrities and business around Teen Entertainment and Media.

virginia kastilio

Virginia Castillo (@ginicanbreathe)

She owns her very own consulting firm and brands like BBC, NASDAQ, SoulPancake became her clients. Her platform was Snapchat and her own personal brand allowed her a massive following and gave her knowledge when it comes to marketing. She even has an online school called Snap and Steam wherein she shares her ideas and predictions in the marketing world trend.

coco and breezy

Coco and Breezy (@cocoandbreezy)

Coco and Breezy are twins from New York who were able to create a line of designer sunglasses under their own name. Their glasses were on all the big celebrities within weeks of starting their new business. Celebrities such as Ashanti, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Prince and others wore their product and made their brand stand out. They have now begun DJ’ing as well and landed commercials for Diddy, or partnerships with Hershey’s, Adidas and other companies who want to tap into their lifestyle brand.

furious pete

Furious Pete (@furiouspete)

He used his experience as an anorexia and cancer survivor to build a 5 million following on YouTube. His daily vlogs include eating challenges, training sessions and candid thoughts on coping with life itself. He now has his own line of apparel and supplements and various brands sponsor him to eat and train and do workout routines and programs. He is on a role when it comes to marketing.

amy schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer (@Schmittastic)

She is what you would call a triple threat. She started off as a YouTuber or what you would call a Vlog Boss and then became a Keynote Speaker and now an Author. She created the YouTube series Savvy Sexy Social that boasts a global community and millions of views. She also co-founded Aftermarq, a video content marketing agency and her authority in digital marketing consulting allowed her to not only teach what she knows but to use it to her advantage.

All these influencers have a massive following and allowed them to become quite well-known in their chosen platforms. And they not only stayed in their comfort zone. Most of them actually ventured towards other platforms that gave them such a huge authority and their followers would mostly take their word as true. So if you need further proof regarding the power of social media influencers, then you only need to get to know these few ones to convince yourself that they matter in todays marketing efforts.