Tata Communications – “Cute” Spot

The Need for a Video

Tata Communications is a Telecom company that provides sub-sea and terrestrial communications networks, data centers, and fixed line and wireless services. Founded in Mumbai India, Tata Communications has a strong global presence and is the 6th largest mobile service provider in India, with over 65 Million Subscribers.

Tata Communications contracted the team at Red+Ripley to make a creative video about the frustrations of poor Internet service. Slow load times, expiring forms, disconnections – the stuff we deal with on budget Internet (or even pricey plans!) and how that can be avoided by going with a trusted, reputable company, with strong customer service and a record of excellence to boot!


The Solution

Tata Communications pitched to a fund on MOFILM for a video company to produce a short spot for their internet services. In 2014 we won the grant and went on to produce this advertisement!

Red+Ripley wrote a few scripts and ultimately decided on creating a concept revolving around simple frustrations – interviewing a few people in Yaletown, Vancouver – and portraying their complaints with some hired actors to be their “younger avatars”!

The result is a quick, funny and relatable piece about the frustration of slow Internet!

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