The Secrets of Corporate Viral Videos Revealed

Dove Real Beauty Sketches.Samsung: All Eyes On The S4. Prada Presents “A Therapy”. Dollar Shave Club. These are just some examples of corporate viral videos  – videos that got millions of views and shared rapidly online – in a span of several days.

Then you think – how did these videos go viral when consumers have formed some kind of “allergic reaction” to advertisements? Statistics show that people want to be in control of the content they receive: 86% skip TV ads – because they don’t like the idea of being sold with something, regardless of the brand or material.

Why should business owners like you care about your video going viral? Colter Ripley, Red Ripley’s Executive Producer has this to say:

The main benefit to companies when they do this is that if they have a message or they brand the video with their logo and image… all of a sudden they have millions of views… this can completely change a company. It can completely blow a company up and get tons of business, followers, inquiries. Businesses like Dollar Shave Club have been started this way.

CorporateViral Videos: What Makes Them Tick?

They tell a story

Corporate Viral VideosLet’s face it. Regardless of age, gender, financial standing, race or religion, people will always love a story. But in the case of viral videos, the stories have to be told in a way that engages viewers. And for this, you need a well-planned, brilliantly written script. You can do this if you have the skills and expertise of Michael Dubin of the Dollar Shave Club fame. Otherwise, a viral video company that can create a well-thought out script will  be your best option.

They have good visuals

Corporate Viral VideosSmart vancouver business owners know that their marketing budgets is not something they should scrimp on. Thus, they hire good video production companies in Vancouver to ensure top quality visuals. These companies have the latest tools, equipment, and skilled manpower to do the job.

They have good promotional strategies

Alright, brands like Dove, Prada and Samsung might have huge promotional budgets and already have millions of followers, but what about Dollar Shave Club? It’s a small business. The video that brought them fame had a price tag of $4,500. Why did it go viral?

Let’s do a short analysis. Michael Dubin has the skills and experience. He knows that a video can only go viral if it is brought to the attention of the tastemakers. These are the people or groups of people who are considered “influencers” of our time. Tastemakers can be bloggers, celebrities, etc. They have a huge number of followers who hang on to their social media posts. Most of these followers like and share their posts. Now think: if one tastemaker has a hundred thousand followers, and half of those followers like and share your video, you’ll have an instant 50,000 likes and shares! Multiply that to a hundred tastemakers and boom! You’ve got a viral video.

As Colter Ripley, Red Ripley’s Executive producer says:

Getting the video to the tastemakers is the key here. There is a great video on Ted called “Why Videos go Viral” and mostly it’s because of tastemakers picking up the video and helping to promote it.

How a Viral Video Company Can Help You

Corporate Viral VideosThere’s no magic formula to having viral videos, but a viral video production like Red Ripley can help your video achieve stellar status. Here’s how:

  • We have a team of scriptwriters who can create compelling scripts that will engage your audience.
  • Our tools and equipment is at par with the best viral video production companies in the world. In fact, we use RED cameras – the same ones used for breathtaking movies like “The Hobbit”.
  • We have the right connections. When it comes to viral videos, connections matter-  a lot. In the words of Colter Ripley:

We specialize in the creation and development of these videos and we can guarantee a certain amount of views through proper promotion of the video.

Here are some of our viral videos:

Tesla – The Road Not Taken – 4K – Spot from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

Big Rock Beer Entry – Zombies – 2ND PLACE WINNER!! from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

TATA Communications – “Cute” – HD – Spot from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

Need some help with your company videos? Call your friendly viral video production today.