Traditional Marketing Tricks That Are Still Being Used Today


Everything changes and I think we can all agree with the saying “Nothing is permanent but change itself”. With Marketing, it is no different. You basically have principles and strategies that worked before that are now quite obsolete. But wouldn’t it be awesome to know if there are things that prevailed through the test of time? It would be awesome because we know that it is a tried and tested thing and that we can actually use it now. And yes, there are still traditional marketing tricks that are still being incorporated today and the reason that they still are is simply because they work. So let us try to look into each one of them and then maybe figure out how we could incorporate them into our own marketing strategies right now.



The word “Networking” itself is a well-known word for marketers and consumers. Connecting with people and just basically getting out there within your own industry is an effective way of getting the word out. You can find new opportunities and leads faster than any type of online advertising you can come up with. Attending networking events will surely let you mingle with like-minded people that can even become new clients for you.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing may be a tricky venture for some but if the right notes are hit, it can definitely create a big pay off. It focuses on low-cost unconventional tactics that yield maximum results. An example of this would be creating a flash mob or even having people join a campaign of sorts that aims to make an indelible impression and create a copious amount of social buzz. It is a great tactic to allow small businesses to get recognized without having to spend a fortune.

Flyers and Brochures

We live in a digital world now but yes, flyers and brochures still work. Remember that it is all about placement. The flyers need to be present in a place wherein your target clientele are present. Like putting up flyers for your healthy eating business at gyms or any health and wellness type of establishments. Most big companies ignore this tactic but there is still a huge potential when it comes to flyers and brochures.

Interactive Marketing

People love companies that know how to interact with them so why not use that? Draw people into your world by asking them what they think about a new product you have or let them give you new ideas about what new product you can create. Just asking them about a new logo you have is a way of interacting with your future clients. You can even incorporate QR Codes into this technique and see where it takes you.


Everybody loves free food and having an event means that for most people. There is nothing better than to create an event wherein you can talk to people in the same industry as you. You get to talk shop and even show these people what your company does or just display past accomplishments that can allow them to have a good impression on your company. Events will create new opportunities for you and build a good impression as well.

Remember, there are various ways in which you can make an impact on your audience. Most marketers are solely focused on the new techniques that they tend to forget that there are tried and tested techniques that they can still incorporate. It is just a matter of thinking out the best plan of action and using it to your advantage.