Triumphant Mother’s Day Campaigns


Mother’s Day may be made up holiday but that does not stop people from actually celebrating it. And it is not that bad when you think about it since it allows our moms to feel like queens. It may even be a time of the year for them wherein they get new stuff since sales for moms are everywhere. There can even be some perks here and there that are quite unexpected for them during this day and for marketer’s and most businesses, it is the perfect time to introduce campaigns and schemes that can get them more clients or customers.

Here are a few companies that are doing it right and what they are doing to get mother’s and their children to buy into their products during this upcoming Mother’s Day.

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Pandora opted for a drip campaign this Mother’s Day and started with a simple Mother’s Day promotion at the bottom of their newsletters before moving on to dedicated mail outs. The first email was sent nice and early on the 3rd of March and offered some gift ideas in the shape of heart charms, whereas the 2nd email was focused on an incentive—that “all purchases on or over £125 come with a complimentary jewelry box”.



Personalized cards and stationery company Papier made an amazing Mother’s Day campaign this year and it’s not just because of its beautiful newsletter but its charitable cause. Papier is actually donating 30p from the sale of every Mother’s Day card to the Breast Cancer Haven, who do “amazing work supporting women undergoing treatment for breast cancer”. Now that is a good campaign!



Luxury classic gifts never get old and Burberry always has the perfect elegant presents for your mom. From perfume to ponchos to scarves, you can monogram and customize most of the products on offer. Burberry’s newsletter promotes the My Burberry perfume especially for MUM, and their Gifts section, where you can monogram clothing items or simply buy their suggested presents.


lush social


The Lush website has already been setting up its promotion a week into Mother’s Day 2017 and they are promoting their products via a captivating content marketing on their blog. The handmade cosmetics brand used social media to promote their products for Mother’s Day in the past and has a few amazing marketing campaigns under its belt.

Now that you read through all of that, you have no excuse whatsoever to get your mom something. With all the marketing that these brands have, I am sure that you may have once or twice come across them, which is a sign of a good marketing campaign. All of this brands have been able to really make good campaigns that can make your mom happy and allow you to feel accomplished as a son or daughter. And maybe for next year, you can just pick another e-commerce store and repeat the same experience for your mom.