Using Marketing Tools to Make Life Easier

Marketing is no easy task. It takes time and it takes effort and sometimes, you do not even see results until a year later. We also know that marketing is a numbers game. The more leads you have, the more you are likely to gain some new clients along the way. That is why marketing tools are crucial for most companies to be able to create a successful marketing plan. These tools help the company not only organize potential clients but even allow companies to analyze relevant data that they can use to improve their marketing strategies.


Let us try to list down the ones that have been tried and tested and figure out which category it belongs to.

Email Marketing Tools

Litmus –

Litmus is what you would call an email analytics tool. It allows you to see how many people opened your email and even how many forwarded, printed and deleted your email. It also lets you analyze the percentage of engagement you are able to create with your emails.

Pricing: 7 day free trial, $79/month, $159/month and $399/month

Salesgenius –

Salesgenius basically lets you send emails to groups or contact groups using templates and specialized campaign services. The good thing about Salesgenius is that you do not necessarily have to be an expert with HTML to get the hang of creating templates for your Email Marketing Campaigns. They have helpful training classes and packages provided through their SalesGenius University.

Pricing: 14 day free trial, $400/month, $800/month and $1200/month

Yet Another Mail Merge –

Yet Another Mail Merge is basically a Google Add-on. What it does is to allow you to actually create email campaigns by utilizing Google Docs and Gmail itself. You do not need to go to another website and sign-up. You install it in your Google Docs and you are good to go. It has features such as monitoring who opened your emails and even schedule emails. The best part is that you can even create custom emails using it.

Pricing: Free plan 50 emails/day, Premium plan 400 or 1500 emails/day

Social Media Marketing Tools

Buffer –

Buffer is your very helpful social media post scheduling tool. It is what any business owner or company needs to keep track of their social media post and schedule them. Buffer shares your content through their intuitive scheduling system which also allows you to shorten links, keep track of Twitter characters and just basically keeping your followers up to date with your work or accomplishments.

Pricing: 14-day unlimited free trial, $99/month, $199/month and $399/month

Hootsuite –

Hootsuite is quite similar to Buffer. The only difference may be that Buffer is more intuitive and users do not have to click a lot of buttons to produce a post or schedule. This tool also has a scheduler and allows you to keep track of Twitter characters while you type in your posts.

Pricing: 30 day free trial, $9.99/month, $34.99/month and $99.99/month

KingSumo –

KingSumo creates Giveaways for WordPress and that statement stands for itself. KingSumo is a very helpful tool for WordPress that lets you create a Giveaway campaign for your followers. The good thing about KingSumo plugin is that it allows you to create a Giveaway that can become viral and allow you to increase traffic not only on your WordPress site but also your other social media sites since you can tailor your contest accordingly.

Pricing: $198/lifetime (Personal License) and $594/lifetime (Developer License)

Other Marketing Tools

Canva –

Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool that can be quite useful, especially to those who know little to nothing about graphic design. It has professional templates that any user can use to create engaging posts, photos or layouts. Any post can look professionally done by using this amazing tool.

Pricing: Free with some resources needing to be purchased

Google Analytics –

Almost anybody in the marketing biz knows Google and Google Analytics. It is the tool that analyzes data for all your Google Activities. It lets you get data regarding your ranking, your ads or even relevant keywords that you can use to stay on top of the game. The good news is that you can use if free then eventually move on to the paid one to create Ads through Adsense and such.

Pricing: Varied

Hunter (Email Hunter) –

Hunter is a tool that can help any company who are all about lead generation and finding client emails. This tool is something that you can use freely, for the most part, but if you plan to delve deeper into an organization and want to know the emails of their key people, then this is something that can be quite helpful for you. You just input the site address and you are good to go.

Pricing: Free 150 emails/month, $39 1k emails/month, $79 5k emails/month, $159 20k emails/month and $319 50k emails/month

With these marketing tools, anyone can be a pro. And with them, any small business can have a chance to compete with the big ones out there.