Information Technology Video: How to Generate Emotion in Customers!


We recently created an IT Technology Services Video for Fully Managed, which showcased their current Information Technology services. We named that video Epic Client Profiles and we’ve had some great results with deploying this one.

TIP 1: Remove the Dry Details

Chris Day, CEO and founder of Fully Managed, knew tons about his brand… SO MUCH that he was almost buried in all the details of the product.

But he didn’t forget WHY people buy – It’s an emotional reaction. Your customers need to know how it works and all the beautiful details… but they buy because it’s going to HELP THEM.

At the end of the day, the human mind is focused on survival (some people more on surviving than thriving) and your job is to bring them the right details to help them buy.

It’s refreshing to see the customers coming in, pre-qualified and ready to go.

The most interesting part?

There was NO ONE from Fully Managed in the whole video. Take a look:


These videos are called corporate videos and consists of b-roll footage taken from their offices and shots of their typical work.

But where were the Fully Managed spokespeople selling the hell out of the company?? Where was the canned voiceover, the slow corporate b-roll and all the features??

At Red+Ripley we use the word “unique” when it comes to each step of our process – we make it mandatory to be unique.

Chris Day - CEO and Founder of Fully Managed
Chris Day – CEO and Founder of Fully Managed

We’ve maintained creating awesome videos for Chris including one for one of his latest company, IT Glue, which is currently view-able on the Red Ripley Vimeo Channel.

Tip 2: Bring Some EMOTION

What is it about corporate video producers that the content gets dryer and dryer every time I check it out?

What is it about corporations and being scared SHITLESS of expressing themselves through video.

Honestly, the worst thing that you’re going to get are some unhappy people (more on that later).

Memorable, unique storytelling about the brand. Check out how we did that for Chris’s Company IT Glue.

We started with a powerful story that not only established some emotion in the prospects (Lots of MSP’s really want to be as successful as Chris!) but also grounded Chris and IT Glue as a “Real” company.

Tip 3: Don’t Take ALL Opinions Seriously

There is a simple philosophy in marketing that the more exposure you get – the more negative and positive feedback you’ll get.

That means that NO MATTER WHAT – if you’re famous, you’re going to have lovers and haters.

Some people are really looking for the opportunity to bring criticism to pretty much everything you do – and that’s okay!

The ONLY OPINIONS YOU SHOULD TAKE – are ones from people that are the “target viewer”.

A great practice in marketing is to be close to that target viewer and actually reach out to them and ask them what they think. Especially new business. Executives sometimes make the terrible mistake of staying one or two steps away from all customers.

With Chris, we made sure to concentrate on the emotions of the audience through powerful storytelling.

The it technology services story was centered around Chris’ history, how he was able to expand his simple startup into a multi-million dollar firm, and the creation of a program, IT Glue, to aid in the organization of his current projects.

it technology services
IT Glue – Kicking Things Off in Melbourne
IT Glue’s Reaction

After rigorous testing, the product was revealed and sent to consumers for testing. Through the creation of an IT Services Video Vancouver:

“IT Glue has used Information Technology Services Video as a crucial strategy in delivering our value proposition and inspiring an emotional response in our prospects. Video has been a powerful tool in our success.”

– Chris Day, IT Glue

Chris refuses to reveal to people his business financials, but he will reveal that he started with nothing and has resulted in having one of the quickest startups in B.C.

Tip 4: Bring the Passion

We concentrate on the unique development and strategy behind each video – so you can concentrate on the passion.

Check out this video with Absolute Software video with Chris Ryan as he brings the passion (nod to Apple’s Jonathan Ive) with his passionate straight to camera addresses.

We’ve also done a Business IT Video for Absolute Software explaining their software concept by collaborating with them.

This product explainer video showcases their new software in an Apple inspired tone.

Bringing out the beauty of the product through a series of beautiful shots – this really makes the product feel attractive, smooth and sexy!

There will always be options available, but many companies want something unique and tailored to help them grow.

Red Ripley brings the quality and production skills.

Tip 5: When in Doubt Bring the Personal Appeal

Are you selling a brand, a person or a product? Often the personal appeal is really where you’re going to win.

Check out this Bio with Dave Ramslie that he attaches to his email signature to attract potential clients.

We focus on the IT technology services development and strategy of each video, look for feasible outcomes and goals, and collaborate with clients to provide a product and strategy that’s in line with their needs.

Red Ripley can provide you with beautiful corporate videos that can grab customer attention and ultimately, that much-coveted sales.

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