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The Need for a Video

In 2006, Vertical Suits started as a humble venture to create perfect fitting sky diving suits in the spare bedroom of a 2 bedroom basement suite.

By 2015, Vertical Suits had grown into the one of the largest skydiving suit manufacturers in the world, with critically acclaimed designs and the highest quality jumpsuits in the industry. With 15+ employees and representatives all ofver the world, Vlady and Sandra have built a reknown brand right here in Vancouver. Not to mention they’ve each skydived over 1,000 times.

With such a rapidly growing company, Vertical Suits needed a high octane video that drew all potential skydivers into their website, as well as an easy to follow measurement video that allowed people at home to prepare for their custom-fitted suit.

The Solution

Red+Ripley sent out a crew of four to produce, film, and document a variety of footage for Vertical Suits. We shot a variety of models to showcase the quality of the fabric, as well as the high tech process of cutting and mending material together to create optimum suits.

We also had a chance to interview the company owners as well as some very satisfied customers who have been using Vertical Suits for years.

The result is an energetic, kinetic video that has garnered thousands of views and has stimulated even more business inquiries within the company. We call that a win!


No, we didn’t shoot the skydiving footage… although that doesn’t mean that we can’t 😉

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