Videographers in Vancouver: What They Do and What to Look For

Some people are confused as to what a videographer really is.  Is he a cinematographer, filmographer, director of photography, video producer or video operator?

What is a videographer?

Vancouver Videographer: What They Do and Why They Are Important for Your Corporate BusinessIn reality, a videographer is all that and more. He is a person who captures, records, processes, stores, transmits and restructures a series of still images showing various scenes in motion. To do so, he must be able to use an assortment of digital and analog cameras, computers, software and video editing equipment.

Roles and Responsibilities of Videographers in Vancouver

Vancouver Videographer: What They Do and Why They Are Important for Your Corporate BusinessA good Vancouver videographer values his craft more than anything else. He knows all his equipment well – from his camera to his tools for video editing. He works with technical and non-technical teams to plan and transform ideas to visuals. He searches for the right video products for each of his clients; manages work schedules for huge and complex projects; troubleshoots issues on software; remedies problems that may arise while working on a project; and uses his people skills to make clients and talents comfortable during filming.

What is crucial and important that they cover?

Ideally, videographers should cover all aspects of a production. Good videographers use two or more cameras to capture scenes from various angles. They even use drones or cranes to take aerial shots.  Then they choose what they need prior to the editing process.

What can go wrong?

tfb6PGgtORDlhLMfrqSFhXF-6xgW6O0S6e4RNOxNS9QDealing with a videographer is not without hassles. He might come late for the shoot, causing the client  or the talents other important appointments. Some videographers have limited equipment or the right transportation, consequently affecting the overall output of the project.

This is why you need a really good videographer. Aside from having mastered the skills, tools and equipment required for videography, he has already gathered years of experience and most probably encountered and remedied such issues.

What kind of price ranges are there?

A really good videographer in Vancouver knows what to do – from using the right video techniques to applying special effects – the first time around. Of course, quality comes with a price. Good videographers may charge anywhere from $100/hour upward, but you can be assured of an organized video production from day one to the end.

What are some of the things Red Ripley covers?

Red Ripley can cover commercials, animation, corporate profiles,  events and so much more! Here are some samples of what topnotch Vancouver videographers like Red Ripley can do:

Corporate profiles. The best way to engage customers is by showing them who you are and what you stand for – in video. here’s a corporate profile video we did for Integral.

Integral – Dave Ramslie Bio – 4K – Corporate Profile from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

Event coverage.  Red Ripley Creative became involved to shoot and promote the artist by providing high quality videos and event footage demonstrating their performances. The video was a success and became extremely well received.

Tito Deville Band – Event Video/Promo HD from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

Promotional video. How best to encourage customers to patronize your business than by a video that shows the kind of experience they’ll have when they do business with you?

The Vancouver Club – Promo HD from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

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