What is Motion Graphics All About?

You’ve heard it all before. Video is the next big thing in marketing. It can capture people’s attention, connect with their emotions and most likely persuade them to buy a product or service. The problem is, with more and more business owners who are using videos for marketing nowadays, how can yours stand out?

If you’ve created video after video but still fail to grab viewer’s attention and ultimately get your desired profits, then maybe a well-crafted motion graphics video can work for you.

What is Motion Graphics?

 What is Motion Graphics All About?Motion graphics is the method of animating images with the use of computer hardware and software.

For example, we at Red Ripley take some images, work on them to make them move any way we like. It’s like bringing inanimate objects to life! We can make them move like puppets, bounce like springs, shatter like glass, flow like water – the possibilities are endless!

But motion graphics are not created for the sole purpose of entertaining viewers. They are made to tell a story – your story – what your company’s history and values are. They can tell a story about your latest product or service, a corporate event, and so on.

What Makes It Work

What does it have that captures the attention and interest of viewers?

 What is Motion Graphics All About?It has something to do with the way our minds work.  In the book, “Advanced Educational Psychology”, the authors, Ram Nath Sharma and Rajendra Kumar Sharma state that, “…the moving stimuli attract more attention. The position of a stimulus changes due to movements. An object lying in some corner of the room will not attract our attention, but even if there is some illusion of movement in it, we cannot help attending to it. “

And that’s what motion graphics is all about – movement. And you can use it to make your videos pop, attract new customers and gain an edge over your competitors!

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to creating motion graphics video, we’re a production company that’s proud to say that we’ve made lots of them. Check these samples:

Madlab Business Group – “What is the Funnel?” HD – Animation from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

Red+Ripley Motion Graphic Reel 2013 from Red Ripley on Vimeo.

Why should you choose Red Ripley for your motion graphics?

It’s because we have:

  •  What is Motion Graphics All About?A fast turnaround. At Red Ripley, we listen to you and understand your needs. That’s why we make it right the first time.
  • Experts who do lots of development and strategy for your videos because we want them to look really good.
  • A roster of illustrators that consists of 40 to 50 highly skilled, creative professionals who love their craft so much, they’d stop at nothing to make each illustration a cut above the rest. Once you choose from their illustrations, we take them and develop powerful videos complete with voice-overs and sound effects to create a compelling story.

Allow us to create your motion graphics video for your business and you’ll get the first 30 minutes for FREE. This offer is only limited to the first twenty to reply, so grab it now. Call us at 604.765.2444.

Make your videos more interesting and captivating with motion graphics. After all, they are one of the keys to your business success.