You Can Actually Make Use of Social Media to Get That Job!


Saturated, that is a word that can describe some of the areas that you plan to work on. And it is hard to really stand out and get that job that you want and it can be really disheartening for some. But what if there is a way that you get to just go to one of your social media accounts and you can actually get that job? That would be pretty awesome, right? Luckily, that is a thing now. Let us be thankful that you can basically just scan through your phone what jobs you can apply for and basically send your CV or resumé in a jiff. Gone are the days where you have to walk around town or even travel to a nearby town just to submit your application. Now, you can send as many applications as you want just by using your phone or your laptop at home.

If you still feel a bit doubtful regarding your chances of finding work online, then here are a list of sites that you can make good use of to land that perfect job and be able to finally show them what you have got.


    Kijiji launched in 2005 and offered Canadians a fun and easy way to people in the same area to basically buy, sell, trade, and even post about hunting for goods, cars, services, housing or jobs. It basically works like craigslist but it may have a better reputation than that of Craiglist because it topped the Top 100 Canadian Job Websites of Splashfind.


  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is there when you need to know who owns a business. It is there to let you know as well which job openings you can apply to just by browsing through the millions of companies and agencies that are posting it. As said on their site, they were able to garner a total of 4,500 members within just the first month of their launching. And now, it is more than just a site where you connect to other business, they now create various other business solutions that they can offer to entrepreneurs and startups.


  • Craigslist
    Of course, Craigslist would be on the list. You basically have this site where you can find anything and everything and yes, jobs are abundant in this site as well. While they do have some reminders about how you can avoid scams and frauds, most of the job postings here are legit and you can definitely find something that can fit your skills if you give it a chance.

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  • Indeed
    Yes, indeed. Indeed has over 200 million unique visitors every month and has become the catalyst for putting the world to work, according to their site. But yes, Indeed is great at finding jobs at specific locations and that is what is perfect about this site. You can pick which places you want to maybe apply and you can have that. In fact, Indeed is available to 60 countries so if you choose, you can actually apply somewhere new and exotic for you.

So remember, when you feel like giving up in your job hunt, there are easier ways to look for one. All these sites have proven time and time again that they can help people find that job. And these are all mostly free. You do not have to spend much, unlike in the earlier days where you need to walk around, get tired, appear in an office just to submit your CV and then later find out that they cannot interview within the day and have to come back next week. Now, it is easier, so you do not have an excuse in remaining jobless.