Armourgenix CBD, an Epic Red Ripley Production

Armourgenix CBD, Innovation for Workout Supplement

Armourgenix CBD offers clean, well-researched products for every step of the training process. They incorporate their signature, natural hemp complex, into its products in a variety of forms.

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Hemp complex has become a game-changing ingredient for sports nutrition products because hemp is rich in amino acids. These amino acids are linked with muscle and stamina recovery.

Though Armourgenix® does also offers a whey protein supplement. The brand says they would like to emphasize the power of plan product workout formulas. Which is why;

  • All products excluding the whey formula are entirely from plants.
  • Armourgenix®’s products are all non-GMO as the company takes pride in sourcing high-quality ingredients.
  • All of their hemp complexes are certified THC-free, so they can be used by a variety of customers.

ArmourGenix CBD for Mental Performance for Athletes, Fitness Professionals

Quality and transparency in hemp ingredients are extremely important in this burgeoning industry. While low-quality products in the market may cause some skepticism when it comes to the potency or effectiveness of hemp-derived products. Because Armourgenix CBD’s strength is in its transparency.

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Every step of the way Armourgenix is clear about its purpose and product composition and includes links to evidence-based research on its company website. CBD is known as a natural soother:

  • It interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (EC). Which controls regulatory and other functions.
  • Unlike Marijuana, Hemp-derived CBD does not contain THC. The “high” inducing compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

The ArmourGenix® product lineup incorporates full-spectrum hemp oil. Along with a combination with a proprietary blend of organic, hemp-derived plant-based nutraceuticals. These are rich non -psychoactive phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

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Red Ripley’s Powerful Vision for ArmourGenix CBD

The most efficient way to pique the interest of a consumer is by using inspiration. Putting an obstacle that is seemingly unsurmountable. But then conquers it.

Creating a powerful commercial advertising video is the best way to captivate your viewer. Red Ripley focused on the challenge and provided epic power shots for the video.

Armourgenix CBD Athlete Profiles 60 sec (by Red+Ripley) on Vimeo.

Although, it may take more than just amazing scenery and challenge to grab a consumer’s attention. Successful video campaigns are visually infectious, viral, and distinctive. These three qualities are necessary to create buzz and to promote the sharing of your video. This method creates the word of mouth movement that is so important in any marketing campaign.

As many of Vancouver’s businesses attain world-class distinction in their markets. So does the reputation for quality video content.

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Make it Epic, Red Ripley Recommendations in Improving your Vision

Many of the product launches today are modeled on the Product Launch Formula developed by Jeff Walker. While approaches may vary, a key characteristic of these launches is to use a series of free videos. The first video is always valuable content that will help the viewer in some way. There’s no sales pitch in the first video. Additional free content like a checklist or workbook may be offered, too.

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That first video establishes the reciprocity effect – not only is the seller demonstrating knowledge of the space. However, he or she is also giving the viewer something of value with nothing requested in return.

That’s usually why we use our Discovery Sessions to have a bunch of meetings about the product or service. During this point, we get a better understanding of it. Then we can make some proper recommendations.

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