BC Liquor – WES Survey Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The Liquor Distribution Branch operates 196 retail stores located throughout the province under the brand BC Liquor Stores and is one of the largest retailers in British Columbia. BC Liquor Stores serve more than 36 million retail customers every year.

BC Liquor hosts a survey for employees and management every year that tracks suggestions, growth, analytics, and census-like questions in order to improve their brand and impact as many people as possible. They wanted a video that would motivate everyone to take the survey by showing its value and just how easy it is to take it.

The Solution

Red+Ripley shot this corporate video production in 1 day at the Signature BC Liquor Branch on Cambie and 48th as well as the BC Liquor Distribution Branch in Vancouver, BC. We shot the video on a RED Epic and conducted a series of interviews with all levels of BC Liquor employees as well as shooting in a variety of locations – storefront, management facilities, and warehouses.

The result was a compelling video that has undoubtedly raised awareness of the WES Survey internally, which in turn helps BCL become a closer community in their strive towards incremental improvement.

The Client

The company is one of the most popular liquor distributor in British Columbia, that operates about 197 retail stores located throughout the province.

They are consisted of providing excellent signature wines to their customers throughout the years and continue enhancing their product everyone.


The LDB is proud to contribute more than $1 billion annually to the Province of BC, helping to provide financial support for vital public services such as health care and education.

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