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Expedited and Excellent Production Timeline

Get ready for a shock, video agencies don’t exist! I would honestly like to say that I invented the term. Our company has been using the word video Agency in Vancouver for almost 8 years now. The root word “agency” refers to a collective of professionals who curate and select the best creatives to execute on their project.

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The benefit of working with an agency is the expedited production timeline and excellent working relationships already established. Plus, the high quality of work can come standard depending on the agency you choose.

Now when it comes to video agencies, are you referring to a video producer and filmmaker to project manage your production? On the low end of the amateur spectrum, this might be called a videographer.

As you start shooting for a higher quality of final product and more professional commercial standard, this may refer to a cinematographer or executive producer who handles your production to a high-standard.

Be with an Exciting and Creative Team

Now back to the word video agency. I’m going to assume you’re looking for a group of professionals who both developed the idea, handle the production and finalize the product.

But technically a video agency would also handle

  • Development
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Advertising and Promo video in Vancouver

If you have any standards at all, you’re looking for digital advertising such as YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads or Click-Network sites, banners and any one of the other variety of advertising options.

We’ve stayed away from advertising campaigns because of the specialty agencies such as advertising agencies and video marketing Vancouver. Which handle digital publishing and management as well as broadcast and commercial distribution.

When it comes to being a video agency in Vancouver, you’re mostly looking for an inspired set of creatives and a group of excited filmmakers ready to handle your video agency production.

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Choose the Right Agency

Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen clients make are working with a producer and completely trust them with every aspect of Vancouver production. I’m nervous for people who do this because I know there are a lot of shady producers out there.

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The best way to combat misinformation is to get curious. Ask questions, understand the process, get to know the producers and have a great plan together before placing that deposit down.

There’s a lot of time wasted in the formality of proposals and quotes, so keep away from that and focus on the relationship.

Another one of the biggest problems clients come across is their fear of the technical language. If you feel stupid for asking questions or your contact at the video agency is having trouble explaining how something works. This may be a warning sign.

Anyone trying to hold back industry secrets is just a fool. In the day of the internet, there are no secrets but transparency still strikes fear in the heart of weak video agencies

Video Agency Trends in Vancouver

I’ve been producing projects for nearly 20 years with over 1,000 projects completed by our company. We worked with clients such as Best Buy, Telus, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel. We worked with so many different clients and industries that we would have to be fools not to see trends.

One of the trends video agencies are moving towards is decentralization in the management of any Vancouver production. What used to be a busy office location is now digitally redesigned across the globe through calls, emails and review platforms. All of which spark innovation and higher productivity.

Large broadcast budgets are slowly becoming commercial budgets that are morphing into corporate budgets. What used to be a million-dollar budget might be $10,000 now. Clients still have just as much money but they’re spending it on multiple videos and producers instead of just one.

Another mass of movement in video agencies is towards the curation of creatives. It’s a massive asset to have great connections and working relationships. A lot of people can’t hold onto great working relationships as one missed deadline or one annoying lie can disrupt workflow.

Therefore, one of the greatest assets you are paying for with a video agency in Vancouver is the roster of collaborative relationships they put forward.

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Expanding your Vision

Another massive benefit with a video agency in Vancouver is experience. An executive producer like me has handled hundreds of projects and worked with big agencies on nationwide campaigns.

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This type of experience comes with a lot of bumps and bruises and an unwillingness to have any more. Find a great producer who is open to collaborating and expanding on your vision. I’ve often found incredible professionals hidden in the weeds who we just can’t wait to work with.

When choosing your video agency in Vancouver you want to find someone you could leave alone with your house keys, go out for a beer with and able to trust in battle.

Maybe you can trust that pimply-faced producer and that 14-year-old skinny kid holding a camera. It’s likely they have more intuition than your grizzled industry pro.

Measure Success using Video Agency

In the day and age of the internet and information flowing freely, that same kid worked his ass off behind a computer to go through every tutorial in the book in order to produce that amazing project. When you’re young, there is less complexity and more room for obsession.

We work with clients to understand their vision and outcomes. This helps us with a set of success metrics to measure whether or not we succeeded. From there, our video agency will do whatever it takes to make beautiful advertising which you are excited to share.

If you’re thinking about working with us on a video project, contact me so we can have a discovery session and expand your plan and vision. We also guarantee our video agency in Vancouver services. We’re quite boutique and we only take on a few clients every month so I hope you are one of them!

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About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer for Red+Ripley and a Video Producer.

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We’ve been producing videos for over 18 years after winning film festivals nearly two-decades ago.

Colter is certified in the digital film with a specialization in cinematography. Moreover, he has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

His main focus is a collaborative and custom Vancouver video production which guarantees lots of customer service and the final product clients are excited to share!

If you’re looking at working with a great producer for animated explainer video production, definitely give us a call or fire us an email. We’ve been doing this for so many years it’s pretty easy to quickly help.

Email us to discuss your production!

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