Best Production Companies in Vancouver Review

A Review and Breakdown of a few Different Best Production Companies in Vancouver- Pros and Cons

Hey, my name is Colter Ripley and I’ve been a producer in Vancouver for 20 years. I’m going to give a review and breakdown of a few different best production companies and their pros and cons.

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I know each of the owners personally and have worked with them multiple times so this should be no shock that I’m highly biased!

Best Production Company

These guys have been around for at least five years more than us. One of the best production companies was started by three partners and has a professional and polished focus. They have a lot of great clients, and many you would have heard of. They handle all elements of scriptwriting, post-production, production management, and optimizing the final product. They’re quite serious about using storytelling to demystify the production experience and drive results. They have a lot of great testimonials too.

Regarding price, I would guess it’s in the range of $6,000 to start with proper corporate and commercial productions starting in the range of $10,000 to $50,000. When I have directly talked to their team members, they mention working on a variety of proposals and being quite busy. 

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Boldly Productions

These guys certainly take a different approach, they have a polished commercial feel. Many of their images are of low contrast or artistically designed. They also represent commercial directors and producers which is more of an agency approach. Here’s the breakdown;

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  • I recognize a lot of the directors who work for them and certainly, they are representing some great talent. This type of commercial quality production is a lot more polished and sometimes mid-range in terms of budget. That makes them one of the best production companies in Vancouver.
  • Regarding the price, it’s possible they could start at a low of five or six thousand dollars. However, any proper commercial producer knows that you need at least 10,000 and ideally starting at $20,000 in order to produce something with some cool locations, beautiful talent and interesting story, and visual development. 

A lot of corporate clients aren’t interested in this high level of polish as they need more content to be used for a longer period of time. Sometimes highly stylized Productions which have a storyline and are entertaining or engaging, come with a price of not being as cross-functional. 

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I’ve been in touch with this company in the past as they have locations in both Vancouver and Kelowna. They have a highly corporate feel and their productions certainly look scaled-down in terms of budget and output. They almost reminded me of one step up from a videographer. Maybe they send a small team out on production but it’s possible something could start in the 1k to $2,000 range.

  • I know they have a few senior producers who run this another best production company in Vancouver and it looks like all the samples are run through just a few producers.

They describe knowing a lot about business and marketing and the dynamics of production which is helpful. They also seem to have a studio and covered a lot of different genres and have a great client reel. 

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Means of Production

Okay, this company is actually legit when it comes to professional productions in Vancouver. They do high-quality commercial services and work with directors and producers who come up from Los Angeles in other parts of the States in order to do shooting here in Canada. They also have a lot of local clients.

Tesla – The Road Not Taken – Red+Ripley Commercial from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

  • They cater to real production services for commercials and brands which are meant for the big screen or proper broadcast and worldwide release. They’ve done some major Productions and handle permitting and locations in the area. Which also makes them one of the best companies in Vancouver.

I’m pretty sure these guys would start in the 40 or $50,000 range for any kind of production which is valuable with a proper crew and locations and other production services.

Hadron Films

These guys are consummate professionals. A lot of their business video Vancouver income is sustained through their studio rentals (Stage 6) and their equipment rental company (GG Cine) so they were pretty great in terms of diversification and can offer a lot of value based on the price.

  • They produce a lot of commercial productions that are done for big clients and high-quality producers. So when it comes to a polished production for an established brand, these guys are great. This makes them one of the best companies in Vancouver too.

I think they might start in the $5,000 range for a highly scaled-down production. But expect to start at maybe $10,000 for a corporate production and starting at $20,000 or more for commercial production. I know that they can range to the fifty thousand and one hundred thousand-dollar range depending on the level of quality you’re expecting.

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Local Contractors Collaborating with the Best Production Companies in Vancouver

Our company is in touch with over 1500 contractors in Vancouver ranging from producers, directors, coordinators, cinematographers, videographers, post-production, editorial, effects, animation, sound design, and many others! 

  • When you work directly with a contractor, the quality of the final product can be varied. It’s not perfectly clear when hiring, regardless of their experience, samples or recommendation, whether or not the quality will be there. 
  • So don’t be surprised if you lose some cash or work with the wrong person or make some mistakes. If you’re in it for the long game, testing out a bunch of people and finally finding someone great takes a bunch of time and has its risks but can be worth the reward.

There are bunch of best production companies you can choose. It maybe local or international. It is up to the clients standards and financial availability really.

Our Company Red+Ripley is one of the Best Production Companies in Vancouver

We’ve been producing for 20 years and had an incorporated company for more than half. Although we are small with just a few full-time people. We have many contractors and team members that we are working with simultaneously in Vancouver. 

The Employee you Always Wanted – Red+Ripley Commercial from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for high-quality commercial production and an experienced Executive Producer to help bring you through the production step-by-step process of the production services, we certainly will put you on a higher level. This makes us the best production company in Vancouver.

Every production starts with a great vision and a concept which we can help you explore and build out.

Productions can start in the range of 1000 or $2,000 but proper corporate budgets might start in the $6,000 range. With more polished Productions starting in the 10 or $15,000 range. We have some rough pricing on our website if that would help.

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About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer for Red+Ripley and a Video Producer. 

We’ve been producing videos for over 18 years after winning film festivals nearly two-decades ago. 

Colter is certified in the digital film with a specialization in cinematography. He has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

His main focus is collaborative and custom video production. This guarantees lots of customer service and the final product clients are excited to share!

If you’re looking at working with a great producer for animated explainer Vancouver video production, definitely give us a call or fire us an email. We’ve been doing this for so many years it’s pretty easy to quickly help.

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