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Business videos have huge influence on digital marketing campaign

Business videos are one of the most powerful marketing objectives you can shoot for. But this simple strategy can completely ruin your business if not done well – not because of a poor quality video but is due to a little known fact that bankruptcy is often caused by a strong demand and not having enough cash flow to fulfill it.

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Think of your business video in Vancouver like a storefront. If the customer can’t open the door, they can’t buy. And think of your website as something like the sidewalk that depends on how much advertising or referral revenue you generate. That’s kind of like the people walking by.

The biggest problem with business videos is creating too much revenue, or the wrong kind of attention.

Foundations of a great business video in Vancouver

Selecting a vision for a business video and specifying some clear marketing outcomes with a target viewer is the foundation of a great production.

Defining these simple aspects also defines a great business video Vancouver and is one of the biggest mistakes one can make.

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I’ve seen ambitious young entrepreneurs and company owners come up with amazing and exciting ideas to produce videos that essentially advertise the wrong thing. And I love meeting inspired entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to take a risk with their vision.

If your company is energetic and progressive, you might have room for something gritty with attention-capturing narrative and sexy emotions that grab the viewer’s attention.

If you have a classic corporate business video, such as an accounting firm or a large corporation, the age of political correctness and fear of offending keeps most large companies within a tidy box.

A high-quality production can be as simple as a single operator capturing high-quality footage and editing it together or as complicated as planned commercials with superstar talent, beautiful locations and novel props.

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Where to market your business videos in Vancouver

When creating a strong video for your business in Vancouver, there’s no shame in quietly placing the final videos on a web page and driving traffic using lead-generation or referrals. A simple method like this is a great long-term approach.

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It’s a simple fact that any savvy marketer uses professionally-produced videos, sometimes with less production quality but ALWAYS with carefully targeted problem and solution narratives that clearly show the benefits and who they’ve been created for. It’s a mark for generic viewer targeting to appeal to everybody with a message that’s so ambiguous, no one can possibly be offended.

Business videos in Vancouver done by Red+Ripley

We’ve been producing projects for over 20 years and we’ve made 1,000 videos for businesses, corporate videos, commercials and marketing pieces of all genres.

We’ve seen companies make a big splash with their production and blow their expectations out of the water with thousands of inquiries, views and exposure.

We’ve also seen beautiful videos with large budgets and produced objectives, land like a drop in the ocean, unseen and unheard.

Business videos have become a staple of any advertising campaign, alongside web and social publishing.

So explore and unpack your ideas with a free Discovery Session with us. All you need to start with is a target viewer and an exciting vision.

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Why Red+Ripley?

  • We take down notes and optimize your budget for performance. When we work on a business video in Vancouver, we build out carefully designed proposals with specific outcomes and a variety of samples to show storyboards the “look and feel” of your brand, which we will replicate in the production phase.
  • Our company is a Boutique and only handles around one new client per week. This allows us to give careful consideration and collaborate with the right people in order to create polished videos that have lasting value, which will make a big impact for any company. It is satisfying to see our clients succeed.
  • We have a satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy with your business video, we will take extra steps to make sure you walk away proud of what we produce and excited to share it with your target viewers and begin gaining response. At the end of the day, a business video is all about these foundational principles and we hope to do it right.
  • We want to collaborate with you and have a discovery session to unpack the vision and mission of your project and develop a plan to get all those beautiful measurables and achievable outcomes.
  • Every brand or agency needs to create a business video in Vancouver better, faster and cheaper. So we mandate one-on-one partnerships with big genre and style options with guaranteed timeline accuracy. We optimize your budget through creative campaigns for digital marketing using our huge industry experience that is sure to bring a lot of passion and workflow to your production.
  • We will handle your business videos in Vancouver, interviews, drone footage, viral engineered videos, event videos and even interviews and training.
  • All of our videos are made for the web and we bring you through an easy Vancouver production process that starts with some research, moves on to development and then to planning before we acquire all the assets for your editorial and then we move into post-production where we go through three stages of editing.
  • We have fast timelines, the best tools and the right equipment to create polished visuals. This simply means we have industry-leading Red Digital Cinema cameras that are fully insured and covered so there’s no risk on your side.

We want to make awesome videos for your brand or agency. Red+Ripley is a way to get your video done easily, simply, quickly and safely with high standards.

Start with an email because the first meeting is on us. Ask the tough questions and let us come up with a plan of action so our creative team can storm the beach on your behalf.

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So book your discovery session today and let’s chat about your business video project. Let us expand your vision to an exciting narrative and set of outcomes.

Hope to hear from you!

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About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer for Red+Ripley and a Video Producer. He’s been producing videos for over 18 years after winning film festivals nearly two decades ago.

Colter is certified in digital film with a specialization in cinematography. He has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

His main focus is on collaborative and custom video production in Vancouver that guarantees excellent customer service and a final product that clients are excited to share!

If you’re looking at working with a great producer for business videos in Vancouver, definitely give us a call or fire us an email. We’ve been doing this for so many years it’s pretty easy to quickly help.

Email us to discuss your production!

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