Choices – Adventure of A Lifetime Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client wanted to have an inspiring video content focusing on their speeches, seminars and make sure that the audience will be engaged in all the messages the client are trying to show through their successful seminars and events they held.

“Changing the world one heart at a time….”

The Solution

We come up a video that is truly inspiring. We make sure that we deliver the true message that the client wants to promote and wanted to engage with their audience.
As a Video Production company, we make sure we deliver your video content to your audience. Getting your message and feeling be heard in front of potential clients or customers, no point in making a great video no one sees.

The Client

Thirty-four years ago Choices began as a dream and is still a reality. Participants leave Choices with a commitment to lives filled with joy, passion, peace, and abundance.
In 1983, Thelma Box, Dr. Phil (McGraw) and Joe McGraw started seminars so that people could live their lives at 100%.


In 2005, Mary and Joe developed Super Givers. It has been described by some as the “cherry on top” of the Choices seminars. Seminars led by these two are assured to be filled with laughter and knowledge.

We are Professional Video Production in Vancouver, Canada. We offer Packages that will suit all your requirements. Helping you to communicate your message to clients or customers. We aim to increase your sales or your profile using great video with high production values. We Take your Vision to a Complete Video Strategy.

About Red Ripley

We are a video production team. We partner with top companies and brands. We craft powerful stories that move and influence viewers. We use promotion to bring it to their target audience. We have fun doing it.

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