What Makes COBS Bakery Standout From the Rest Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

Our Client wanted to highlight the uniqueness of COBS Bread and its commitment to help the local community to alleviate hunger by donating all its end of day bread to the local charities.
The video testimonials also highlighted the excellence of their baked products as well as their support to the start-up business of their franchisees.
One of the franchisees said that the business was both financially and emotionally rewarding.

One very big thing for me was the community aspect of the business because we donate all our end of day bread to charities.

The Solution

The video production were produced to encourage more start-up entrepreneur to invest in the business of baking bread through COBS Bread. At the same time, it is to woo potential clients and clients to patronize their products knowing that everytime they buy fresh bread from COBS Bread they help make a difference in the life of someone else.

The Client

COBS Bread was one of the leading franchises in the return of investment.
There are now over 600 Bakers Delight locations in Australia and New Zealand.
COBS Bread has capitalized on this success with over 100 bakeries in Canada and is on track to establish 250 bakeries in Canada by 2022.


We’ve proudly donated over $250 million in unsold products to local charities since 2003.
With COBS Bread Bakery the welfare of our customers always comes first.

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