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world-classAn Efficient Way to Reach Consumer

In order for a business to reach out to its clientele, commercial video production ​needs to be able to communicate with future clients. Commercial advertising videos have become a lucrative business. With the competition in Vancouver expanding so quickly, this can seem like a nearly impossible feat — but it isn’t. 

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The most efficient way to reach the consumer is by using the devices with which nearly every person already has access to in this technological age. Whether it’s a computer, television, smartphone or whatever every possible consumer has in order to access and view video content and advertisements.

Undoubtedly, commercial advertising videos are the present and future way of reaching out to the public.  As many of Vancouver’s businesses attain world-class distinction in their markets, so does the reputation for quality video content. Moreover, when it comes to video production, Vancouver is known as the “Hollywood North”!

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Commercial Video Advertising, Get the Most out of your Campaign

Video advertising needs to be able to reach out to their market in ways that radio, print, or word of mouth cannot achieve alone. It combines all three methods to get the most out of your campaign.

But, it takes more than any old video to grab a consumer’s attention. Successful video campaigns are visually infectious, viral, and distinctive. These three qualities are necessary to create buzz and to promote sharing of your video. This method creates the word of mouth movement that is so important in any marketing campaign.

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In order to maintain those three qualities, it is necessary for businesses to work with a passionate, fresh, and expert team that is provided by Red+Ripley. By allowing Red+Ripley to produce video content, guarantees that your brand’s vision is set. Above all, you are trusting talented masters of the filmmaking industry. The company has expert videographers, to the editors, to the producer, all of whom are industry leaders in their respective fields.

Video Length, Keep Viewers Watching

One question that keeps getting asked of me is, “how long should my commercial advertising videos be?”

Honestly, most people freak out that their viewer will run away if it is over 1 minute or somehow zone out. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that people get ADD sometimes… but this isn’t actually the case depending on your product.

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Film Production in Vancouver Done Right

Just picture for a second someone coming to your site or place of business. If you sell a product or service that is either mid-range or expensive, your prospect is literally spending 1000’s of dollars with you.

This commitment is a serious thing, so do you think someone is going to spend maybe 120 seconds to watch a video? OF COURSE, THEY WILL!

I’ve seen successful internet marketers use sales video production that is up to 60 MINUTES LONG, selling things just like you.

Commercial Advertising Videos: A Closer Look at its Marketing

Young and trendy business owners like you are aware of the power of videos. A short video added to your website or social media, for example, engages readers more than a thousand words can. It can increase traffic, improve your credibility, and ultimately, your sales.

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Now, your interest is piqued by video marketing. Is this something you can do yourself? Do you need to hire a film production company to market an existing video of your business or do you need them to create and market your video?

Colter Ripley, Red Ripley’s executive producer has this to say:

If someone is looking for a video marketing company to market their videos, that usually means helping someone with a video that they already have. So here’s what we do:

Post it on their website.

  • Putting it on Vimeo/ YouTube
  • Post it on maybe 30 – 40 other video sites.
  • Optimize the Vimeo/ YouTube descriptions so it’s searchable.
  • Promote it to blogs or groups and get backlinks.
  • Add links to the video sites so that they rank in the search engines.
  • Promote the video to the right people so that it’s likely to go viral.

There are many ways of doing the above but we’ve got a system for going through and making sure that something goes viral (or gets close).

About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer for Red+Ripley and a Video Producer. We’ve been producing videos for over 18 years after winning film festivals nearly two-decades ago. 

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Colter is certified in Digital Film with a specialization in cinematography. He has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

His main focus is collaborative and custom video production. This guarantees lots of customer service and the final product clients are excited to share!

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