Commercial Video Vancouver, Success in Getting Customer Attention

Commercial Video, customers compelled by what they see

No matter what business you’re in, you need your customers’ attention. Particularly, in a competitive fast-paced marketplace, that can seem like a tall order. But the solution to reaching people is easier and more readily available than you might guess. What we need is a powerful commercial video!

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We’ve all seen viral commercial videos, of course. Although, some of those videos drawing millions of eyeballs have been surprising sensations. Others are crafted specifically with the idea of capturing our attention. But the key element in both cases is that viewers have been compelled by what they’ve seen. And they want to share it with others.

Powerful experience customers can see in commercial video

The most powerful experience a potential customer can have with your video campaign is that they’ve made a unique discovery, specifically. Moreover, by seeing your commercial video production, and your product or brand or service presented in the right light, they now have new information about something special.

Time and again, you hear that a good commercial video production for your business can propel it towards success. Videos, as experts say, are the next big thing in marketing. But as you search for a video post-production company, you wonder if there are some criteria that you need to consider to ensure that you will be working with the best.

After all, you’ll be investing a lot of time, money, and effort. And superior quality commercial videos are far from cheap. You surely wouldn’t want to spend on something that won’t work, would you?

When you hire Red + Ripley for your video project or campaign, you’re hiring talented videographers and producers. But you’re getting more than that. You’re also hiring industry experts who understand the detailed ins and outs of what makes a video “pop.” And just as importantly, what gets people spreading the word.

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Special discovery on commercial video and the importance of marketing

There are two reasons this “special discovery” feeling is so important when marketing your product:

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Your customer wants to feel that they are engaging with a product that stands out. More importantly, it must be of exceptional quality, a cut above the rest. It produces the feeling of “I’ve gotta get that.”

Additionally, when your customer knows they have valuable knowledge of the service you offer, not only do they want to acquire it for themselves, but also they will want to tell their friends about it. That’s where you get a buzz going. That’s what inspires “word of mouth” advertising. As a result, it is what makes a video get shared. Because a video is hands down and the number one way to spread your message.

More importantly, the right video has viewers using a combination of sight and hearing to produce an effect that still images and words alone cannot convey.


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Instant viewing, marketing the video

Because it is easy to pass along videos to friends and family, straight to any device anywhere in the world for instant viewing. Below are some things you need to consider:

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  • Be aware of your needs. Even the best post-production companies in Vancouver won’t be aware of what you want or expect from them if you don’t communicate your thoughts and ideas. What do you really need? Product launching? Staff training? Customer testimonials?
  • Do your research efficiently. Based on your needs, do your research. Search different video post-production websites online. Read they are about pages, their process, and client testimonials. It also pays to do some research offline. Ask family, friends, neighbors, or business associates if they know of good video post-production in your area. 
  • Check their projects. Don’t be satisfied with recommendations from family and friends. After doing your research, list down ten video post-production companies that have grabbed your attention. Then check out the videos they have done for clients. Do the videos have crisp and clear images? Does the music jive with the theme? Do transitions run smoothly? Do the visual effects look realistic? How about the foleys (sound effects)? If it answers all these, then it’s time to consider the next step.
  • Seek transparency and flexibility. Check if the video post-production company you are considering has a clear-cut strategy. Then a powerful design for your project, and if necessary, the time to make revisions. If they don’t, walk away. If they tell you that everything’s underway without showing any proposal, walk away. You don’t need newbies who create mind-boggling videos. You need experts who can help you succeed through their effective use of strategy and design, in particular.

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About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer for Red+Ripley and a Video Producer. We’ve been producing videos for over 18 years after winning film festivals nearly two-decades ago. 

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Colter is certified in the digital film with a specialization in cinematography. In addition, he has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

His main focus is a collaborative and custom video production which guarantees lots of customer service and the final product clients are excited to share!

If you’re looking at working with a great producer for animated explainer video production, definitely give us a call or fire us an email. We’ve been doing this for so many years it’s pretty easy to quickly help.

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