MadLab LANYAR HD Corporate Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

It needs to show more how young people need to start early the good way of life by starting themselves on having goals for a fit and active life.

“You can achieve the SUSTAINABLE fitness results you’ve always wanted!”

The Solution

We are a Vancouver video production showing the client’s passion to help each of their students achieve a healthy lifestyle that is amplified with being physically fit. And showed how these young generations improved their self esteem and having life they deserved.

With our video filming expertise, we captured the client’s regular day in their world class fitness facility while being able to get a chance of hearing experiences from the country’s leading physical coaches.

The Client

Madlab School of fitness has been on business for 10 years in promoting a healthy lifestyle and people who are in need of physical treatment from an injury. Over the years, Madlab has been evolving to cope up with the constant changes of each person to maintain a healthier living. As of now, Madlab has a world-class fitness facility that can cover up to 30 students and is fully equipped to necessary components for all students to be fit.


Madlab School of Fitness has acknowledged every means that can cause to deter you to have a body physically healthy body. Practical components such as enough room for 2-3 apprentice coaches to run one-on-one personal training sessions on the other side of the facility. Parking spaces for each student’s convenience to have a worry free session to be fit and sustain it.

About Red Ripley

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