Crossfit Oahu Video Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

To introduce a powerful fitness program to the potential Crossfit customer. The main problem to overcome is a lack of knowledge of Crossfit, a general fear and intimidation as well as creating a feeling of “the right fit”.

“What is the heck is CrossFit Oahu all about? CFO Measurable, observable, repeatable results are our favorite aspect of Crossfit”

They also needed a video production that would outline how their in-depth apprentice coaching diploma programs turn aspiring coaches into health and fitness experts.

The Solution

A documentary style overview with edited interviews, animation integration and voiceover use. A video to be shown on YouTube and launched on the website.

We knew that creating just one video for this project isn’t enough. To effectively market their services.

The Client

Our coaches are continually looking to improve their teaching skills and become more well-rounded. Most of our coaches are full time, and all of our coaches are passionate about CrossFit and helping our members improve.

With members depending on us for results, we strive to have the best coaching staff on island. If you would like to learn more about our staff you can read about us here.

Going alone sucks. Luckily, we keep attracting awesome members to CFO. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced you will have support. Every day coaches will interact, learn, and talk with all of our members. On top of this, members cheer, support, and share horror stories with each other as well. We proudly highlight member’s accomplishments online, big or small.


Oahu is beautiful, we got to spend 10 days over there working out, shooting and hitting the beach. Man it’s a tough life!

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