Dr. Ed Osburn – Laptop Lifestyle Mentor Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

Our client had a vision of a powerful bio video showcasing Ed Osburn’s life’s experiences being a LAPTOP LIFESTYLE MENTOR helping health professionals impacting people outside of the community and also globally.

“Anyone can create a brand. People don’t follow brand but they follow movements”

The Solution

A video production company was created that allows us to peak into the life of Dr. Ed Osburn and his family. Here we can have a snippet of Dr. Osburn’s Laptop Lifestyle Mentor program – how it was making an impact on the life of so many people locally and globally.

The Client

Ed Osburn was a successful practicing Chiropractor and Pediatrician from Alberta Canada. A serious disease that almost causes his life and marriage forced him to reassess his life. Today, Ed is a very successful businessman after he created an online program for his fellow doctors. His podcast – The Chiropractic Philanthropist turns out to be a massive success and has become a resource for doctors.


In 2015, Dr. Ed Osburn was given the recognition as an Icon, Maverick, and Genius by The Chiropractic Leadership.

About Red Ripley

Red Ripley is a video production service in Vancouver, Canada. They worked with top companies and brands to create powerful stories that are both engaging and powerful. Its aim was to create an impact on the target audience.

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