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Drone Videography Vancouver at its Best

We are one of the drone filming companies and perform drone videography Vancouver which often complements our Corporate and Commercial projects.

Drone video production has been a major point of controversy and excitement for our clients. Up until last year, there was a major gray area with flying in urban areas and other Vancouver municipalities.

Drone Video Reel from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

Being a drone video production company has us dealing with proposals including drone filming and applying for drone filming in some urban areas. It is easy for a filmmaker to get excited with all the beautiful, cinematic and exciting drone cinematography shots.

Tools for Drone Videography in Vancouver Approach

What was only possible before with powerful Panaflex camera gimbals and Arri Digital Cinematography setups worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Drone video production is now pocket-sized and easily accessible for under $1,000.

It lasted about two months before being slammed aggressively into a treetop and plunging into a ravine where it was rescued and rushed to a drone video production repair facility (there happens to be two or three of these in Vancouver).

“After repairing the Drone, we wanted to upgrade. So we purchased the new DJI Mavic Pro 2… which is not our last.”

When performing drone videography in Vancouver or a downtown urban area, we encountered magnetic interference which caused the complete loss of our second drone.

We were left with a controller, a few batteries, and a hard case that didn’t help the production budget. Thankfully, we back-up regularly and avoided any media loss.

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Dynamics of Drone Filming

A couple of our favorite moves when it comes to drone video production shots.

Drone Aerial Cinematography Reel 2014 from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

  • Rotational Parallax shot is where the camera is centered on an object and slowly rotates around the outside, causing the background to Parallax from left to right.
  • A large speedy rise from the ground all the way to the clouds with the camera centered on the hero object.
  • Starting from very far back, a long slow push in towards the hero object while framing it up in a centered way.
  • General rotational shots or tracking shots where you follow a moving object, person or even rush-up on any object of interest.

It’s common to place your most cinematic and impressive drone videography Vancouver shot at the front of the video as an establishing shot to introduce the viewer to the beauty or interest of your subject.

  • Once the subject matter is established, cutting back to a drone shot can motivate a pause or break in the flow before coming back to your interview, voice-over or content.

I still remember the excitement and fear flowing through my veins as my heartbeat out of my chest. I also did a rotational Parallax shot of the downtown Lions Gate Bridge as my client had secured us as a drone video production company.

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Viability of Aerial Drone Videography in Vancouver

Drone videography Vancouver often requires a permit, especially if there is a disruption or any danger associated with aerial shots.

With the size of most drone filming companies equipment, a smaller drone may just blend into a scenic backdrop. So even after over 30 minutes of flying. It can gain beautiful 4K shots and still to fit in your pocket.

We’ve been working with drones for many years now and have loved the process of shooting. Because it is incredible what you can capture in just a matter of five or ten minutes with a good drone videography kit.

2018 Drone Reel Vimeo – Car Tracking Reel from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

Our company has been making an awesome business video in Vancouver for your brand or Agency for over 10 years now. We call ourselves a video production company, but we do commercial and sales video in Vancouver are somewhat of a video agency.

Each project starts with an engaging Discovery session. It is where we help build out desirable outcomes and work with you in a one-on-one partnership.

Lastly, we completed over 1000 Productions. Because whether you are performing drone filming companies or capturing commercial drone cinematography, we can help you.

Drone Video Conceptualizing

Some of the fancy stuff we do is guaranteeing timeline accuracy. We work and design through your budget so that you can hit your financial outcomes. We also provide unlimited revisions on projects. This for you to collaborate with us, by giving as much feedback as you deem necessary.

Our production process starts with research before we move on to developing your concept, script, and boards. Then we build the pre-production plan and acquire all the great footage before jumping into editorial and any post-production effects.

We pride ourselves on fast timelines, the best tools, and polished videos. Because it is our goal to impress your audience and create something you are excited to share!

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About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer of Red Ripley. He has been filming producing and running our commercial video production company in Vancouver for over 18 years.

2018 Drone Reel Vimeo from Red+Ripley on Vimeo

He’s certified in digital film and worked for many years in the film industry in cinematography. Recently he produces and project manages as a local commercial producer.

Our main focus at Red Ripley is a collaborative and custom film and video which guarantees great customer service and an inspired final product!

Send us an email today to discuss your project.

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