Tesla Proves Speed Should not be Compromised by Fuel

Tesla, Inc. is an American company that specializes in electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California.

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Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers. They want to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to speed for fuel-efficiency. Additionally, they want to show that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive compared to gasoline cars. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles but also infinitely clean energy for generations, and as well as other storage products. 

Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better. 

At Red Ripley, we understand and it inspired us to create a commercial video showing the vision of Tesla. More importantly, a cleaner and more sustainable fuel for cars. The best part, a consumer does not compromise speed!

The World Needs to Stop Relying on Fossil Fuels

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Still, the client wants a very simple business video for their brand. While on the other hand, it also describes the product features, looks, and road experience. For this purpose, using attractive scenes that will hook audience attention is one of the main aspects, as well. 

Combining safety, performance, and efficiency, Model S has reset the world’s expectations for the car of the 21st century. Along with the longest range of any electric vehicle. Over-the-air software updates make it better over time. Above all, a record 0-60 mph acceleration time of 2.28 seconds as recorded by Motor Trend is nothing to scoff at! 

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Feature of the Vehicle, Highlighted

Completing CEO Elon Musk’s “Secret Master Plan,” in 2016, Tesla introduced Model 3, a low-priced, high-volume electric vehicle that began production in 2017. Moreover, safety is the most important part of the overall Model 3 design. The metal structure is a combination of aluminum and steel, for maximum strength in every area. In a roof-crush test, Model 3 resisted four times its own mass, even with an all-glass roof: that’s the same weight as two full-grown African elephants. 

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Tesla, Creating an Entire Sustainable Energy Ecosystem

Soon after, Tesla unveiled the safest, most comfortable truck ever – Tesla Semi. It is designed to save owners at least $200,000 over a million miles based on fuel costs alone.

Tesla’s vehicles are produced at its factory in Fremont, California. It is also where the vast majority of the vehicle’s components are made, as well. 

As Tesla continues to expand its product line, Tesla’s production plan is also set to increase to a rate of 500,000 vehicles a year by 2018. 

To create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem, Tesla also manufactures a unique set of energy solutions like;

  • Power wall
  • Power-pack
  • Solar Roof.

Enabling homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption. Supporting Tesla’s automotive and energy products is Gigafactory 1. A facility designed to significantly reduce battery cell costs. In 2018, they are to produce more lithium-ion batteries annually than were produced worldwide in 2013. 

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Showcasing a Vision of Accessible and Affordable Products

Tesla manufactures batteries at the volumes required to meet production goals while creating thousands of jobs. And this is just the beginning. 

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Nonetheless, Tesla is building its most affordable car yet. In like manner, continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people. As a result, it ultimately accelerates the advent of clean transport and cleans energy production. 

Of course, electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy generation and storage already exist independently. However, when combined, they become even more powerful. Truly, that’s the future we want.

The Solution

We created a product overview for Tesla making it as the cornerstone content of their marketing strategy, particularly for them. A dynamic, engaging product overview video will help Tesla stand out in the marketplace. 

Business Video content is only successful if it connects with your audience. We’ll promote and distribute your commercial video content through the right channels. More importantly, with the right tactics to ensure that it will engage, inspired, and make your viewers act.

For your information, the Roadster unveiled Tesla’s cutting-edge battery technology and electric power-train. For this reason, Tesla designed the world’s first ever premium all-electric sedan from the ground up. The Model S which has become the best car in its class in every category.

In 2015, Tesla is looking to expand its product line with Model X. Resulting in the creation of not only the safest, quickest but also the most capable sport utility vehicle. In particular, it holds a 5-star safety rating across every category from the record of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

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