Fred Herzog – Biography in HD Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

The client is visioning a Bio video for Fred Herzog, showcasing how his fashion in photography created a huge amount of inspiration to many people in his community.
Red+Ripley produce Bio Video that will work with professionals and businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver commercial videos that will engage, educate, and entertain audiences.

“I was aware I was taking art. That’s the conceit of young people. I knew that what I am doing is not only unique but that someday I’m going to unpack that and shock people with it.”

The Solution

We produced a high-quality corporate video production for Fred Herzog, showcasing all his works in photography giving a huge impact to the life of all photographers around the globe.
We work closely with our client to ensure satisfaction with the project. We strive to be as proud of the outcome and planted such an emotion that audiences will surely felt—ensuring high-quality work every time. We don’t rest until every decibel and pixel is perfectly in place.

The Client

Fred Herzog is a medical photographer by day, and on evenings and weekends, he took his camera to the streets, documenting daily life as he observed it. Focusing his camera on storefronts, neon signs, billboards, cafes and crowds of people, he eloquently depicts the architecture of the street as a framework for human interaction, presenting a view of the city that is both critical and elegiac.
Fred Herzog has been making photographs for decades, his images of city life in Vancouver in the 1950’s and 1960’s have only recently been brought to a larger public.
He awarded as an AUDAIN Prize for lifetime achievement in the visual arts in 2014.


In 1953, decades before William Eggleston and Stephen Shore established color photography as a serious medium for art photography, Fred Herzog shot his first roll of color film. His wonderful and remarkable street pictures are the subject of a new monograph called Fred Herzog.
Fred Herzog had risen from the ashes of his bombed-out youth in Germany to illuminate the history of Vancouver, as arguably the city’s most important – if for many years, obscure – visual documentarian.

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