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True North Strong Ontario’s Call to Reduce Tobacco Use in Youth

True North Strong, values a way of life. It is not their lifestyle but it is how they are raised. To know that respect is earned, not given. And that hard work is just as much a part of their DNA as hockey. Their mission to have Ontario youth free from tobacco use.The informative video they wanted to create shows why they live free from cigarettes and chew.

True North Strong – For a Tabacco-Free Ontario – from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

Family, friends, community, and team aren’t just words for them. Rather, it is what defines who they are and what they believe in.

This is what true north means to us. And our true north is free from cigarettes and chew. Free from addiction. Free from the lies. And free to live.

Using Video to Create Behavioural Changes

A Call To Action (or CTA) is a message intended to encourage the viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive. It is the ultimate goal, outcome, and endpoint of your video where persuasiveness pays off. Creating a virtual handshake with your viewers. The video Red+Ripley created for True North Strong had a strong call to action encouraging behaviour change. The massive outreach on social media and online advertising targeted at a specific viewer and group of people with the intention of engagement is the true measure of success.

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Using Information and Education Carefully with an Engaging and Real Story.

Here is where Red+Ripley stepped in to evolve this concept. Having a great creative producer and director is always the key to a strong video. We partner with skillful cinematographers and editors to bring a crucial collaboration and evolving awesomeness to life!

Jaguar Landrover at Pacific Polo Championship from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

The final result is capturing the audience’s attention and holding it for 30 to 60 seconds, 2 to 3 minutes, or even 5 to 10 minutes. The longer the video, the more impressive to engage and draw-in a targeted audience.

Since longer-form media allows you to stretch your legs with storytelling, testing your audience’s attention span, creating something compelling, and engaging through to the end will almost guarantee bigger outcomes.

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Inspire Engagement and Sharing using Fun Video Advertising

As videos are very accessible, it has become an instant source for information. These videos are uploaded and viewed from all across the world. Resulting in videos becoming a popular source of entertainment or information. This is technically due to the continuing conceptual development and creation of ideas that are wrapped in compelling stories and complemented by powerful visuals — which will never go away.

Pacific Insight Electronics – Anticipate, Innovate, Collaborate from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

For one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information. This is not only because they might be interested in making amazing videos, but because they’ll probably have to learn to incorporate video into their content in order to remain competitive.

Make your video production more interesting and captivating with great stories. To do this, conceptual development should start with collaboration between a client and a producer. Because the earlier the life of your product/company is, the more likely it will be that you’re trying to appeal to as many demographics as possible to build that customer base you need for success.

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Thus putting together a great high-level team that you’re excited to chat with, and a team to go into battle are both important. After all, they are one of the keys to your business success.

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His main focus is a collaborative and custom video production which guarantees lots of customer service and the final product clients are excited to share!

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