Integral – Stuart Hood Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

Integral Group called us for a series of down to earth profiles showcasing their leading engineers and their passions inside and outside of Integral Group and how they form the character of their industry leaders.

“To provide safe, efficient working environments from which our clients can achieve their overall goals and ambitions.”

The Solution

Red+Ripley shot three video production for the company’s bios and conducted multiple interviews overseas locally in Vancouver, showcasing a handful of the talented principal members of Integral Group and their unique abilities and passions.

The Client

The company serves excellent engineering services and provide a wide range of maintenance solutions for the client’s needs.


Integral Group’s contributions to the democratization of green buildings are brought into focus. Featuring projects that break through the cost barrier and bring zero net energy to an affordable and profitable price point, this chapter explores Integral’s affordable housing work.

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