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The Need for a Video

The client has an expectation to have a product overview which is also a quick look into their company it will allow diverse groups of people to get a general idea of what is their brand, the benefits it can give and how it can bring the best IT documentation for their customer and business record.

The Client wanted to list out all the features and benefits their software can bring to the success of every company in terms of documentation and productivity.
ITGlue wanted to showcase how their brand can give clients having that Peace of Mind in managing their business, to their people/team and having a high opportunity for their business success.

“Fully Manage, Creating Peace of Mind.”

The Solution

We created a company overview for IT Glue that can communicate the company unique value proposition.
A corporate video production overview will convey an incredible amount of information to the audience very quickly. Displaying product information, features and benefits will give the customer so much more information needed in order for them to gain interest and convert it into leads.

We develop cool, unique, engaging, humorous, emotional, influential video content that will give big impact to your target audiences.

The Client

Proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency, and consistency of your team. Documentation is your most precious asset… nurture it and gain instant results.
Find IT Glue at
IT Glue provides a simple way to standardize your documentation.
They develop an Internal Software package that will allow the client to brings staff on and brings customers on very quickly.


Established in 2013 with offices in Canada and England, IT Glue is used by over 4000 MSPs in 30 countries. Find out why IT Glue has won over 30 productivity and innovation awards since 2016.
Best in Management tool in 2016.
HTG Partner Innovation Award in 2017.
Best Technology Integration in 2017.

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