Jaguar: The Reinvention of Luxury Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

Jaguar Vancouver wanted to showcase the beauty, elegance, and luxury of their cars – 2016 of an F-Type sports car and F-Pace SUV cars. Even the choice of the place and the event was fitting for the launch. The whole video was packed with a dynamic, energetic, and influential group of people.
It highlights the beauty, elegance, power, and luxury of a Jaguar. It shows its best features and the strength it packs.

“Jaguar electrifies”

The Solution

The whole video production from start to finish packs a punch. It features the genteel beauty of Jaguar car. It opens and ended with strong visual imagery of the beauty and glamour of a Jaguar. The comparison of a car with a thoroughbred was not a coincidence – both animals represent power, agility, and luxury. The place was overflowing with images of affluence – from the champagne, horses, and people that were in it.

The Client

Jaguar Land Rover Vancouver, BC at 1730 Burrard Street, is your premier service provider and retailer of new and used Jaguar vehicles. Our convenient location and complimentary services make it easier for you, as a daily commuter, to service your Jaguar and Landrover carefree. An automobile manufacturer enabling drivers and enthusiasts fulfill their sense of adventure.


Who invented the Jaguar?
It was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1924 as the Swallow Sidecar company.

About Red Ripley

Red Ripley is a video production company located in Vancouver, Canada. They partner with top brands to create powerful stories that move and influence their target audience.
Red Ripley’s offers the following products: event videos, corporate videos, cinema videos, commercial videos,and viral videos.

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