MadLab Business Group Profile Video Production by Red+Ripley Team in 5k!

The Need for a Video

MadLab has a mission to professionalize fitness coaches to be able to provide a fitness regime from a data-driven, best practices system for professionalizing and educating fitness gym owners and coaches.
We created a video introducing a new level of fitness management by being with fitness gyms and coaches who understand each person is different, that fitness management is a profession and has gone education.

“For whatever life throws at you and when tackle in bigger goals our goal is to make you look good and feel good now and when you’re a hundred and five”

The Solution

We presented a video that showcases the client’s mission to promote the most effective way for fitness coaches help every person who wants a healthy lifestyle can be made.
Red+Ripley presented a video production to promote MadLab Group of Business introducing a new level of physical coaches who will work with you and will make sure to know your limitations and be injury free while working to reach the goals you have.

The Client

MadLab Group of Business is a company that will help you learn how to become a true professional, teach your coaches how to become professionals and earns professional wages that coincide with the service your Business is offering. Business owners NEED to make over $150,000 a year while working less than 40 hours a week and Coaches NEED to make over $80,000 a year while working less than 25 hours per week on the floor.


MadLab After 10 years of testing their own hypothesis on how to run a successful gym business, and talking to 1000s of gym owners from around the world who have all been testing some of their own, a set of consistencies began to appear. Some alpha, beta, and gamma tests with 100s of gyms later. The company has honed in on a set of laws, that gym owners and coaches are using to revolutionize their gyms change the way fitness is delivered to the world.

About Red Ripley

We are a video production team. We partner with top companies and brands. We craft powerful stories that move and influence viewers. We use promotion to bring it to their target audience. We have fun doing it.

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