Making creative promo videos in Vancouver

Creative promotional videos can translate to big sales

Making promo video Vancouver can be exciting, challenging and rewarding if you know how to do it right.

One of the biggest successes we’ve had in creating promotional videos for businesses in Vancouver was with a little-known company, which had a car refinishing product.

Just like any local video production companies in Vancouver, we do the best thing we can to create a compelling and attractive promo video Vancouver.

So for this project we had with the company, we worked with the brand owner and marketing manager to build the product video based on all the great features, benefits, problems and solutions offered by the product.

RestorFX in HD Explainer from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

The video was much longer than traditional corporate videos or commercial videos, with a length of nearly five minutes. But we found out during testing that an audience is willing to spend an hour or even a half-day refinishing their vehicle so watching a few minutes is no problem.

We had an engaging storyline, passionate talent delivery, and lots of visuals showing the product, how it worked and beauty shots of its function.

After launching the product, the small company, which had 20 or 30 local locations, started with an internal promotion and testing. We used YouTube and social media publishing to get the promotional video out there.

It’s not easy to publish a business video, which is a direct promotional video, showcasing a product. But we were careful to make the content educational, if not inspirational. This helped ease and encourage distribution.

Within a month, the video had reached thousands of local customers. This doesn’t sound much at first glance but it was an all-organic effort and purchases started to rise.

Later that year, the company had to increase prices and limit new applicants, as they were growing too fast.

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The massive effect of promo videos on potential clients and viewers

A good promo video Vancouver can certainly push a company to the top. So with the video, we made as a primary source of product information, the owner of that little-known company used it in all of their promotions, which sparked further business growth both locally and overseas.

The company continued to double in size each year. We also did several other business videos and product videos for their marketing team, banking on the success of the first promo video Vancouver that we made.

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Years later, the company started to have some issues when users found a serious flaw in their product. Some clients who availed of initial refinishings were came back for warranty and repair.

The same company, which had massive growth and an influx of investors based on their product video and promotional work, all of a sudden we’re faced with some serious issues and needed to remanufacture its product.

Yes, it’s a little bit frustrating on the part of the company but this can be a funny parable as there have been many companies that are forced into bankruptcy after their businesses grew too quickly but with them not having the ability to effectively handle payroll or cash-flow.

Ironically, our greatest success with this promotional video basically bankrupted the company.

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How to come up with an engaging promotional video in Vancouver

A successful promo video Vancouver can be made by carefully understanding the vision, outcomes and even the viewers.

All marketers dream of a day when promotional videos and product videos had audiences captivated by an unskippable commercial.

It is in this careful exploration where we asked a variety of questions and build out a concept before pitching a plan on how to make it happen. This is something that can be done with an initial phone call by an experienced executive producer who is committed to taking a business video or product video to the next steps of production.

Trends and techniques for a successful promotional video

  • Duration and length of the video
  • Budget
  • A great story that engages the viewers
  • Correct marketing tools and strategies
  • High communications value

Some of the major trends we’ve seen for promo video Vancouver are a tightening of cut duration and lengths and intensifying of some images, even an increase in the volume of videos per budget.

But one trend I don’t believe will ever go away is a powerful story that engages the target viewer.

Even something as simple as a product video or brand explainer video, which has a promotional marketing component, can intrigue the target viewer by cutting to the point, making things novel, engaging and proving a crucial point that brings value to the viewers.

inTouch – Smartphone Watch from Red+Ripley on Vimeo.

A lot of marketing is focused on some form of extraction of value but consumers now are even savvier than they have ever been and a weak communication, which doesn’t add value, just gets scrolled passed.

The largest trend I have seen for promo video Vancouver is towards higher-value communications that won’t have people hitting that skip button.

Social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Vimeo, WordPress and other online websites are proving a great opportunity for digital marketing due to their quick testing and responses. This allows immediate feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and what should have an extra $10,000 advertising push.

If you’d like to learn more about how we create promo video Vancouver, please check out our contact page and send us an email. We have continued our work in commercial videos, corporate videos and promotional videos for products for over 10 years now.

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About the Author

Colter Ripley is the Executive Producer of Red Ripley and has been filming, producing and running our commercial video production in Vancouver for over 18 years.

He’s certified in digital film and worked for many years in the film industry in cinematography. Recently he produces and project manages as a local commercial producer.

Our main focus at Red Ripley is a collaborative and custom film and video which guarantees great customer service and an inspired final product!

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